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Bad and Good Trip

I was recently introduced to shrooms by a great spiritual friend of mine.

I was recently introduced to shrooms by a great spiritual friend of mine.So, on my first trip we had it at my house and I had a blast.But, the second time we decided to go to his friends house. At his friends house, I felt very uncomfortable with my surroundings before I even consumed the shrooms.
Well, at first my trip began about a half an hour after consuming. At first I had control and a sense of center.I quickly lost that sense of center and broke out in a cold sweat and felt like I was dying. This was a bad bad experience, one in which I am very spiritual and my sense of who I was or where I was, was gone. I looked to my friend for help and said in a fearful trembling voice,"I need to leave" He understood what was going on because of his extensive experience in shrooming. He quickly had a friend who was not tripping rush me to my house and at my house he let me calm myself down and was persistant in talking to me about how I felt. Once, I gained my sense of center I was able to enjoy my shroom and turn my bad trip into a wonderful one. Let me just say that I am writing this to warn those who are thinking of shrooming for the first time.
Please this is not a drug to do at a casual party. The mushroom is sacred and if not used carefully will make you lose your mind for what seems forever. A bad trip is just losing your mind and not knowing how to get it back. It is scary and confusing. I can't stress enough the importance of shrooming with someone who is experienced and knows what to do in case the trip goes bad.
In conclusion, let me just say if it had not been for my friend rushing me to my house I don't know just how bad it could have gotten. So find your center and enjoy the show cause it can be mind blowing.

To my friend thanks for being there for me, I love you very much.

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