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bad !

tried shrooms yesterday for the 1st time, i did 15grams of columbians and i was gone.

tried shrooms yesterday for the 1st time, i did 15grams of columbians and i was gone..spent a while waiting for it to kick in so i just started off drinking 5grams, then another 5grams then i did my last 5grams and was off my head! i fell in love with a loaf of bread thinking it was my pet, i wanted to make everything one and everyone like me. I had an un-natural erge to please people! i did so by telling them how much they meant to me and how much i liked them! everything was going great, the walls and curtains looks like china objects and moved in towards me and then back out again. My friend then told me to come over to the bar (ironing board) where he gave me a little fluffy ball which soon became my best friend and through my whole trip i carried it in the palm of my hand. I also saw a little duck running around the room and jumping and kicking this football! the best part was when i my friend put glitter on my hand it was AMAZING and i had to rub it all over my body! then when i thought things couldnt get any better, i started to slip, slip way way down the sofa and i couldnt get out, the sofa started to eat me and i began to cry...i went to the loo for some tissues to dry my eyes but the tissue paper screwed up and turned into a pretty and shy little fox, i stroked it thinking about how amazing and timid it was before it jumped at my face and bit me! i screamed and ran into the bathroom again before being met by my towel, i rubbed the towel against my face but it became evil and i felt as though the towel had complete and utter control over me, i couldnt breath and i started to fall down, the room turned dark and the towel grew and started to smoother me! i was on a super bad trip..in floods of tears i remeber the towel making my have a spilt personality of loving the towel and doing everything i could for it, but then also really wanting to kill it and sacafrice my friends for the towel! then my mate who i became very attached to during my trip gave me some more glitter and made a smiley face on the floor with lego bricks and then everything went good again!!
until...people started to leave to go home! i was devestated and so i began to cry and when i looked at the curtain it wasnt tlking to me but just being really nasty and i started to cry, blood was dripping from my hands and off my face and all down my chest, i couldnt open my eyes becasue i was to scared of what i might see !! i told my friends to help me upstairs where i d be safe and so i kept my eyes shut all up the stairs and when i opened them for a spilt second claws srapped at my legs through the banister trying to rip flesh off me !!
i feel asleep thinking of bunny rabbits and amazing bubble patterns !! i had a mixture bewteen good and bad but so much happened to me it was unbelieveable!! id definetly do it again just to try and look at other things and absorb my surroundings a little more

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