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Aztec Sun Man

I'd been looking forward to my second sacred mushroom trip ever since my first, and when the universe gifted me with three eighths of potent, dry psilocybe cubensis I knew the time was right once again.

I'd been looking forward to my second sacred mushroom trip ever since my first, and when the universe gifted me with three eighths of potent, dry psilocybe cubensis I knew the time was right once again. I decided to eat the mushrooms on a camping trip with some friends in the Humboldt redwoods. Around sunset my friend Andy and I wandered into the tent. The tent's windows were open displaying a magnificent bluish purple tinged twilight sky glimmering with twinkling stars. Like the shamans of ancient mesoamerica, I prefer nocturnal tripping, so It was time to begin the journey. I took out the cubensis and weighed out one eighth for Andy. We raised our mushrooms together in a toast to freedom and began eating. They were crunchy, and tasted like sunflower seeds. I thought they were delicious! I had experienced the mushroom high before and was already quite familiar with altering my consciousness, so I decided I was ready for a larger dose. I ate the remaining two eighths and washed them down with some water. After I finished the second eighth I asked Andy if he was feeling any effects at all. He said with a smile "My mind is blown." We both cracked up laughing at the entire situation, which lasted for a few minutes. I flipped through my CD"s, found my favorite Bob Marley album, and put it in the CD player. The bottoms of the Cd's were glistening with beams of dancing colored light. The music sounded amazing, so calming. Each note filled me with a warm, soothing feeling of content. I turned it up. I felt as if I was filled with sound, and the flowing reggae rhythms expressed my true inner soul. Then came a refreshing realization. I was fulfilling the meaning of life, enjoying it to it's greatest extent. As I stood up I felt weightless, walking was like a dance. Every movement provoked a euphoric sensation of energy. I walked over to the campfire and stared at the glowing embers and dancing flames. The flames were beautiful, leaving multicolored tracers behind each bright orange burst of fire. The textured branches of redwood trees wove themselves with intricate patterns of great natural beauty. After taking in the beauty outside, I decided to return to the tent to roll up a fattie. I reached into my prize jar of trainwreck, grabbed a good handful of sugary buds, and set them on my High Times. I leaned over to smell the inside of the jar. As I took in the sweet, mouth-watering smell I could imagine myself standing in the middle of an enormous pot field. The heavy tops of the plants sway in the warm breeze, emitting their heavenly scent. The rays of sun catch my eyes from above the field and I turn to look. I can see a tribal sun surrounded by constantly forming Aztec patterns. In the center I see the stone textured face of Xochipilli, the Aztec God of psychoactive plants. I hear Andy say "Can you see the sun man?" I can't believe it, he's seeing the same thing as me! I look back at Xochipilli, and realize that I now share his ancient wisdom and power. The mushrooms are here to remind us of our profound ability to plot a saner course for our evolving consciousness, and to show us our imagination's true power.
After the Marley ended I put on some Grateful Dead and finished rolling the joint. We sparked it up and passed it around in comfortable silence, enjoying the sweet herb smoke. The bud intensified the mushrooms, and the euphoria was inexplicable. I looked at the top of the tent as it melted out of view and revealed a gorgeous starlight sky. Colorful, dancing orbs of color twisted and mixed together in time with the music. Sound evoked bright images of extraordinary plasticity and vividness. The mushrooms had shown me both the amazing beauty of the external world and the fascinating power of the subjective human imagination. I am eternally grateful for their gifts to me as keys to the other side.

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