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Awesome then Hell

-Alright, this is recalling my first, and only experience with magic mushrooms.

-Alright, this is recalling my first, and only experience with magic mushrooms.
-I was on my way home from school, and I decided to stop by my dealer's work, to see if he had got any shrooms. He did, so I bought an 1/8. I had been buying weed from this guy for awhile, which is some of the best bud available around here, so I knew the shrooms would be very good. When I got home, I couldn't wait and I immediately took half of what I got (they didn't taste so bad, I don't know why everyone makes such a fuss about that), I'll add, this was a Thurday evening and I had school the next day. My mom got home from work like 15 minutes later, so I went to take a shower, since I didn't want to be around her when I started tripping.
-The effects came on very quickly, I was sitting in the bathroom, waiting for the water to warm, when I started to see streaks of orange and red on my wall, and when I was actually taking the shower, I saw color streaking everywhere.
-When I got out of the shower, I went straight to the couch and layed down, where I would remain for the next few hours. I started flipping through channels on the TV, and I remember watching the Golf Channel (as lame as that sounds) but it was insane, the grass on the golf course was blue and purple and waving around, by know I really felt the effects strongley. My TV sits in a wood cabinet, and it looked like it was on fire, and the TV was inside of a tunnel under the fire. The next show I watched was The Simpsons, which was very different than usual, Marge was completely blue and like only one foot tall, I was laughing so hard. As I watched TV I looked around the living room, and saw the bricks over my fire place mantle melting inward, I'll try and describe this further, the goo that the bricks turned into was sparkling and glowing, and flowing like a river (that was the most incredible hallucination of my trip, and the highlight of the whole experience), and the walls were pulsing and waving around. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, and my pupils were so dialated, my blue eyes looked completely black. I went into the kitchen to get someting to eat and drink, but the labels on the chip bags were squiggling around on the bag, and the bottle of water I got out of the fridge, was laughing and getting thinner and fatter. Somehow I didn't mind this, and thought it was funny. By this time it was 8 o'clock, time was moving so slow, nothing like after smoking weed, time is REALLY slow, it is meaningless on shrooms. I had been tripping for like an hour and it felt as if it had been all night. I was in such a great mood I decided to take the rest of my shrooms (which would end up being a huge mistake).
-At first I thought nothing of it, I was watching 'The Nutty Professor' on FOX, and really enjoying myself. But I made one little comment to myself, "I hope this wears of by school tommorow" which is what led to my complete mood jump. This freaked me out, and soon it was other things freaking me out, and I became very scared and confused. I began pacing around my house, then I tried to sleep (I was tripping way to hard, I wasn't gonna be sleeping for quite awhile), so since I couldn't sleep, I chugged NyQuil in a desperate attempt to fall asleep, I realized that didn't work so I proceded to force vomit my self outside, but it was obviously way to late for that. I was absolutely freaking out, and the rest of the night was a blur of parnoia, fear, and pain. Sometimes I would suddenly pull out of the pit of fear, only to fall right back in almost instantly. I just watched TV and tried to sleep for the rest of the night, I fell asleep probably around midnight. I remember trying to watch the 10 o'clock news, but I was tripping so bad, I couldn't see the TV. I could here the voices of the newscasters, but the TV screen was flashing white and grey. I was also experiencing the most extreme body high imaginable, there were these huge pulses of pain running through my body, accompanied by confusing audio hallucinations, the sound can't be described by any words.
-All in all, this was the scariest experience of my life, but I feel I'm ready to give it another try. My advice to any first timers, is to research. I just ate them when I got them without thinking of any consequences. Do whatever you can to avoid a bad trip, believe me, it really is hell.

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