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dont try this at home

yo my name is Prescott.

yo my name is Prescott.my friend Phil had shown me a spot 2 get shroomz which i use 2 visit every day for a year.any way i take my cuzin Jeromy 2 get shroomz one day.their was a gang of cows on the feild but we still got a good amount.back at my uncle Roberts house we show him the shroomz.he had just finished cooking and left the grease in the pan.(after hunting down shroomz all day u get hungry)so we put them in the grease an cooked them in the grease and ate it with rice.as soon as my cuzin is finished he starts tripping right away....like as soon as he ate the last bit an attempted washing his plate.meanwhile I'm thinkin he's frontin so I'm pissed cuz their not kicking in yet.about 30 minutes pass and my cuzin is on the floor looking at my lil cuzins laughing to the point of dying.I'm still not tripping and starting to get mad.then i start conversing in my head(like am i trippin am i not trippin?)so i know I'm starting to trip.i start chuckling under my breath trying to hold it in.then it hits i don't know why I'm smoking a square,who's house I'm at,why am i tripin..stuff like that.a good hour goes by and I'm trying to wash my plate.my uncle rob comes down stairs and knows we are trippin.so he gets us to leave the house and steal a latter from a construction site down the road.(it less than a minutes walk not)even as far as a block and shit felt like forever to get their.i climb through a hole in the fence.feeling like a lil kid without parental supervision.were yelling in the building,running around and shit.finally i come up on the latter we take it out through the small hole and were walking the streets trippin on shroomz with a big stolen latter on our shoulders.we get it back 2 the house and my uncle Robert cant believe we did that dumb shit.we kinda ancy now and i felt like driving,so me and my cuzin jump in my whip and go to my uncle Greg's house down the road to blaze treez.the drive is five minutes no more than three stop lights.while driving it felt like the first day i ever drove my car.were listening to bob marly, the suns going down.the traffic lights are going with the music like sum electronic Jamaican light show.I'm driving through intersections an shit.we get to my uncle Greg's house and blow treez.i begin feeling like just eyes watching shit go down.were all watching mxc an they got a dude in a dinosaur suite getting hit in the face with a gold ball,and every time they show the replay my uncles friend is drunk yelling "lean back!"(the shit was hilarious to me)the treez kick in and me and my cuzin just sat in our chairs looking around not talking.just smoking and drinking tryna get the feeling we had when i was jackin the latter.......the next day my cuzun Jeromy was talking bout my lil cuzins were 8 ft. tall an shit growing and shrinking. i wish i had his tolerance. one.

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