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Awesome first shroom trip!

Basics: I am: Male, 145 lbs.


I am: Male, 145 lbs.,

mindset: I didn't know what to expect at all. Never done anything but drank and smoked tweeds:-)

setting: friend's apartment complex at night. Somehow we met no other people that night, except a few roommates of my friend who went to bed before our trip became intense. Outside is very landscaped and pretty at night. Gated and somewhat secluded.

dose: little over 1/8 ounce dried shroom eaten without anything else. (ugh!)

time: eaten at around nine thirty PM

The TRIP!! :-D

I thought I would never try shrooms, but one day I had the opportunity, and I can say that I am sooooo glad that I did. It was at least 6 months ago, but I think about that night all the time...

I ate about a little more than an 1/8 with two good friends of mine at about 9 pm. Looking back, I would reccommend doing shrooms at 6pm, anyways, we went to my friends house and hung out, played video games, waiting for them to kick in. I was a little nervous, but not overly so. I think that the anxiety I was feeling was part of the trip, but at the time I thought it was just me. After a little while (30 min) the video game started confusing me, I just could not play well anymore, so I watced my friends play. It was my friend's game, so I wasn't familiar with it, and I started seeing things happen on the screen that I wasn't sure if they were actually there or not. Like characters moving from the place they should be, and travelling around the screen, it was weird..

I felt a little nauseous, but then we stopped the game and started some music. It was Louis XIV it was wild, I started really getting into the trip. We all took turns looking at a painting on the wall, it would melt and move, it was a portrait of a man, but kind of abstract already so the shrooms made him really crazy looking. I started entertaining the thought that he could be alive. I gave him a name, I think "the purple man" cause he was dark purple. I took the picture out of te bathroom and brought it into the living room so he could "hang out with us" I swear to god this is all true! Then I began to assign personalities to other things, (I tended to do this all night) A amecube game, yes the actual disc, it was Resident Evil 4, I thought that it was my long time friend! My REAL friend who owned the game and who was not tripping so hard YET kept trying to take the disc away from me, but I was stubborn, and was even a little angry if he tried to take it. I think because us two were arguing about this so much, my other friend suggested we go outside.

So my friend lives in a gated community with lots of fake streams and lots of trees, its rather pretty, gas lamps and all. We wandered this scenery, and I was completely in awe of these trees and paths that seemed so familiar just hours before. I looked at every treee and bush and lamp like a baby, like a child in wonder.It was amazing. We weren't in his apartment complex, we were in a different world! We stopped at a picnic bench to smoke a cigarette, and just when i thought that that was the limits of tripping, OH NO, I fell even deeper into the experience. I tried to talk to my friends, but I could not communicate, the sentences would not come out. I was watching a small tree, watching it shimmer and sway magically, and a scene started forming arpound it, I could swear that I saw rolling hills materialize, a backdrop of mountains in the distance, like a paradise with miles of swaying grass feilds, where once there was one small tree. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen to this day. I reached my arm out to it. It was so beautiful, I started to laugh with utter joy, then my laughter turned to tears, tears of happiness, they were flying down my cheeks! I wept of joy, for the first time in my life! I have teared with happiness when I hadn't seen my sister in a year or so but i was like 17 then, and that was just like one tear. This was genuine weeping of joy! Then it turned just as quickly back to laughter, then tears again, I couldn't tell which! I turned to my friends to try to explain why I was crying, so they wouldn't worry, but I couldn't speak. I think they did not understand, but they were not worried either.

We walked around some more, and I struck up a conversation with a tree. The tree wasn't talking back, mind you. I was just talking to it. Like old friends! My friends were tripping, but I was by far the least sane. We went to a tennis court and walked around it. Through the fence we could see like an area that was like a drainage ditch beneath a freeway bridge, and we all agreed that it was a beautiful place and we must go there. Fortunately, it was fenced off and we had no desire to climb. So we all just clung to the fence for a while and gazed longingly at the forbidden place. Then we lost interest and eventually went inside.

Once inside, I became crazily philosophical. I had concluded that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Idecided that I permenently wanted to shroom. My friends quoted me as saying " I love shrooms", "I want a shroom to grow in my brain" , and " I AM A SHROOM". I truly beleived these things at the time. We began to discuss smurfs for some reason. We were on the porch and I said, "why toalk about smurfs, when you can talk to one?" I thought a lawn gnome on the patio was Papa smurf. I honestly did. The ivy growing on the outer wall of the apartment was growing before all our eyes, and dancing.

I fell still deeper, but it was less visual and more mental now. I I thought that because I could see things so much clearer and I was so much happier and more confident, that I would never go back to the "real" me. Then I forgot who the real me was. I couldn't remember my name, or who I was, or anything, I thought that i was a new person. Like my life bagan again from there. But maybe because by now I was coming down, I got startted to get scared. I WANTED to remember who I was, it scared me that I couldn't. I kept condradicting myself in my head. I would say to myself: "I want to be like this forever" and then a second later I would ask myself: "Don't I?" I knew that there was a normality that existed, but I didn't know how to get back to it or if I wanted to. As time passed, I would get moments of clarity, where I felt I could completely grasp reality. Then it would quickly slip away. That's when I got really scared. I then knew that I was acting insane. I was afraid I might be like that forever. I managed to quiet my thoughts eventually, and I slept at like 4 oclock AM.

I know it was long and if anyone read the whole thing, I hope it was enlightening to those who wanna try shrooms. I'll tell ya: I think everyone should try shrooms once in their lives. I'm glad I did. My opportunity was almost perfect, the only thing I would have done diferent is to take them earlier, but I definitely liked the night experience. Me and my friends just were body tired and tried to start sleeping while our minds were still tripping. I won't do that again. But I WILL do shrooms again. They were amazing. I will always remember that night.

So reccomendations:

Do shrooms if you are in a positive point in your life.
Do an 1/8 of dried shrooms I tripped balls.
Do them at six pm, you'll be up till 2AM prob.
Do them with good friends who are shrooming too, and not negative peeps
Do them in a safe environment away from non-shrooming peeps.
DO them in nature! (next time I wanna camp)
Know you are eating good shrooms, don't get poisoned or whatever.

Questions or comments are appreciated!

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