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Awakening to a Trip

One night i had 4 grams of dried mush and decided to go on a solo trip.

One night i had 4 grams of dried mush and decided to go on a solo trip. I ground them up in a coffee grinder and put them in caps. I swallowed them and then i broke out the buds. I proceeded to get extremley stoned, and lay in my bed relaxing and listening to music and doing some meditation, after a while i fell asleep without any warning.

I woke up more confused than i've ever been in my life. I was tripping hard as soon as i opened my eyes. My arm had fallen asleep due to the position i had been in and it felt too strange to comprehend, it felt like it was a million miles away. The colours on all the objects in the room were bleeding off of things into the colours of other things, edges and lines in my room were throwing off multicoloured tracers in every direction, actually it was more like a psychedelic vapour was emininating from them. I closed my eyes to try and gather my thoughts and all of a sudden this writhing mass of colours and movment appeared behind my eyelids. At first i thought it was a normal cev but it "came closer" (i don't know how else toput it) to my point of view and i saw it was a huge jellyfish like creature, on the surface of its body were morphing designs similar to common mushroom patterns, as well as lines of alien looking script. At this point i heard a sort of swishswishswish noise, it seemed to be coming from the entity. For some reason i understood that swishswishswish meant "no thoughts"
then i opened my eyes. Everything in the room was moving, and my sense of perspective was altered, my bed looked small, my dresser seemed far away, and the window kept turning on an angle. I enjoyed the visual aspect of my trip for a couple hours, then painted a huge abstract painting. It's quite interesting. I meditated once more then went to bed. Feeling renewed.

I believed that entering the dream state while tripping added a certain amount to my trip. When i woke up i think my mind was half way between a dream and reality, and this either led to or added to my apparant contact with a discarnate entity.
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