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Wow, where do I start this.

Wow, where do I start this... This was my very FIRST experience with shrooms. A friend of mine came by and mentioned shrooms to me and my girl. I did'nt know wtf, so he described them to me. Being the extreme person I am I said okay.

I asked how much and how many do I need. He told me, (obviously lying and N O T telling me the truth) buy an ounce that will be enough for 2 people for 2 days. I said cooo. This was about 8pm. How he described the high on shrooms I figured I could go to work and be cool. (another Lie!) I ate 3 6" shrooms and after about an hour I didnt feel anything.

An hour passes and nothing, so I eat 2 more. At this time he says be careful cause you probably dont need anymore. I told him, well shrooms suck, cause I dont feel anything. He leaves at about 9:30 as do I cause I work the graveyard shift at 10:00 at a small motel. (I would be alone and there were no co workers or bosses there, I was basically the boss at night)

As I'm driving to work, I notice the street lights were a very pretty purple/blueish color,and I remember saying to myself wow thats pretty, but is that it? I then took 2 MORE SHROOM BEFORE I GOT TO WORK! I get to work, releave the employee, kick off my shoes and I sit down to do some channel surfin.

Right after i sit down, I have an I N T E N S E pressure in my stomach and so I fart. I then say to myself, DAMN did i just SHIT my pants? I go to the bathroom and to my relief it was just gas. Now as I walk across the floor, (carpet) I feel like Im walking on something wet, like wet grass!

Now I'm in my trip FULL TILT, and i'm saying to myself wtf have I done! I"m now pacing back and forth, looking at my eyes in the mirror and there black, my puples are sooo dialated. I'm sweating soo feircely that I think I'm going to faint. I sit down, and I start to hear indian drums beating, indians singing and hopping around somesort of campfire! Breathing was VERY labored, and delibrate.

Remember I'm still at work, and one of my responsibilities were renting rooms. NORMALLY in the winter time its slow and we barely get business. However this night was different. When people came through the door to rent a room a bell would go off. This sent me into immediate PANIC and FEAR. When i would walk in to help them, FEAR was all in THERE FACES, as they took one look at me and said, "oh, never mind".

After sitting back down, I felt like I was floating away. The visuals that I saw, along with the sounds of the drums made me feel like I was there with them, chanting and singing and all of that. My sense of smell was very strong as I could smell EVERYTHING. (let me tell you I farted sooo much that night I ALMOST THREW UP!) This is all i remember. That was the longest 8 hr shift I ever worked. Seeing the sun come up was a relief to me.

After this experience, I was completely hooked, and now I know better. Thanks for listening:)

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