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Army of Bushes

Before i start to tell you of this terrible bad trip, which in fact was one of the most wonderful experience i ever had in my entire life i need to explain a couple of strange things about the chemistry of my body.

Before i start to tell you of this terrible bad trip, which in fact was one of the most wonderful experience i ever had in my entire life i need to explain a couple of strange things about the chemistry of my body.

I use shrooms and LSD also. From what i have heard people experience things using shrooms that i experience using acid and acid is more like the shrooms to me. Strange indeed but i had to tell you this because now you realize that the psilocibin trip i am about to tell you was more like an acid experience than the usual shroom trip.

I was back on may way to home after i bought myself eighty mushrooms (i live in Poland and our shrooms are quite weak. Eighty of them is just enough to trip hard) and i called for a cab. Waiting for the cab to arrive i ate all the shrooms hoping to get fucked up while stil in the cab (remember shrooms are more like acid to me). The driver was a smashing chap. He saw me consuming the last mushroom and was very open to it (rare indeed). All the way back we talked about all kinds of drugs. The driver have never done any of them, but he said he likes to talk with people about it. He even was dissapointed that the shrooms did not start working before the ride was over.

At home my sister was angry because i forgot to take my dog for a walk. Shrooms started to twist and tangle the reality from this very point on.
I went for a walk with my dog. We headed toward the near old park. The journey was hard and challenging. The first day of traveling my dog found a squirell hiding in the bushes and engaged into a epic battle with it. Stories can be told about this terryfying skirmish. Unfortunately most of the witnesses have not lived to see the outcome. I've run as hell from this cataclysm just to find myself in a psychodelic hell of the old park.
This park is not being tended for years. It has old abanded house within which threatens to swalow you up with the emptiness of it's black hole windows. The house actually did not scare me so much because i felt the evil in it to be so OVERWHELMING and ANCIENT that there's no chance it could point it's attention to such a minor factor as i am. I decided to evade the house by sneaking through the bushes which was my fatal mistake for i did not know what the bushes have in store for me. By that time the peak was just about to happen so i forgot about fear exited and courious of the experience.
I can remember it perfectly when something strange in the bushes's branches atracted my attention. I looked closely... closely...closely...And sudenly things happen very quickly. I realised that the branch i am looking at is so full of fast moving needle-sharp-white-teeth, so full of anger and hate, sooooo eager to rip my flesh apart...Bushes jumped on me from everywhere! I rolled to the ground and canot help but fell the intense pain of being a toy in hands of some alien-sadistic-twisted-entity. I still can't remember did i puked or screamed... it was a nightmare came true.
After half an hour it all came back to me and i started looking for the dog. It was a while ago when last time i saw her battling the squirell. A quiet moment before another storm coming. Along the path apeeared a giant leech. Moving in fast and heavy jumps it ramed me to the ground and attached itself to my chest. Another nightmare full of rolling with punches and screaming. Then the first positive thing during this trip emerged. I was exhausted, tired of struggle. Nevermind the fact that it will kill me, i let it feed and suck me dry. But the thing did not do any harm to me. It calmed down and started to behave... friendly i guess. I noticed that it was she, i noticed her warm and faithfull eyes, her tail waving in a manners that dogs use to do. Finally it has come to me that, it is my dog. Probably she heard me over in the bushes and came thinking i am trying to play with her.
We went back home together giving the bushes and the house the last, more sober look.
Rest of the trip wasn't really so interesting. I spent it on making musik with my sampler and watching TV.

After that trip i have established unique ties with my dog. Now she seems to like me better than the other family members and keeps on hanging wherever i go.
I also checked out the bushes next day. They failed to destroy me and now lie dormant.
Now the thing i have to do is challange the evil inside the abanded house. I plan to gather some of the best psychedelic masters i know and investigate "THE HOUSE"
It was a great trip of heroic battles, evil revelations and understanding of when-to-stop-fighting.
Hope you enjoyed it!

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