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ARE YOUR SHPONGLED?: A Truely Divine Moment of Truth

INTRO (Background Information/ Past Experience) Since the first time I experienced Straphoria/Psilocybe Cubensis, I felt that the mushroom and I have developed some mutual understanding of each other.

INTRO (Background Information/ Past Experience)
Since the first time I experienced Straphoria/Psilocybe Cubensis, I felt that the mushroom and I have developed some mutual understanding of each other. As I became more acquainted with the sacred mushroom I can safely say that the mushroom would never ever hurt me or let any evil malicious forces harm me during my journey, unlike Morning Glory seeds, and Datura. I have had a upsetting and confusing past and at first used psychedelics to help guide me thru it, until I became an IV heroin/cocaine user. To make things worse I was psychologically in a very bad place and became more reckless and almost suicidal with my drug use and was no longer using psychoactives for enlightenment but more for an escape sometimes attempting to push my boundaries too far, to make my reality not seem as bad. After many years of all hurt and sadness everything came to big climax. I went to Florida and tried to start a new life with just a High School diploma and a bad friend who was only out to suck me dry of all I was worth. After he stole my money and I lost my apartment, I moved back home and finally got to resolve a lifetime of unresolved issues. I isolated myself for awhile and then returned back to my place in society. For a while I felt that I was in need of a resurrection to integrate the rapid changes I was going thru to point me in the right direction as I was slowly healing. I started growing mushrooms and futilely tried experimenting with Syrian Rue and Chaliponga (Ayahuasca) for my 3rd and 4th time with only lots of vomiting and sickness. As my first real flush of mushrooms sprouted generously, so did a long awaited romance, the end of methadone maintenance, and the possible beginning of a new career, signifying a new beginning in my life. I could not have asked for a more perfect time to venture on a shamanic journey.
Last night, my friend came over and we took a couple of pictures of my beautiful flush of Ecuadorian Cubies. I gently picked about 10 descent sized mushrooms, I took 6, I gave him 5. I weight about 160 so 6 fruits seemed enough to get me where I wanted to go. It was about 12:30 when we both finished munching on them. Not too much happened for awhile. I realized right after I ate the mushrooms I still had a full batch of a dried Syrian Rue extract, and Chaliponga extract in pill form. I had two batches of the Syrian Rue extract pills, enough that if I wanted to use it in combination with the Chaliponga I could still do it at a later time when I am ready. Although later on I was tempted to take both the Chaliponga the Rue and the Mushrooms I knew that would probably be too much to handle I took 2 of the Syrian Rue pills and I offered one to my friend but he was paranoid because he had to leave in a few hours and wasn’t sure if he would come down quickly enough to drive later on. After we ate the shroomies, we sat in my room, I flicked on my two black lights, my lava lamp and by lightning tube and sat back waiting to feel the effects. I figured while we were coming up I’d pop in a DVD with the surround sound on, to bug us out as we come up. So I put on one of my favorite movies EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN. While coming up I was enjoying the movie intensely, while it scaring the crap out of my friend. After a while my friend was starting to get really paranoid from the movie and the fact that he was coming up really fast and hard, he didn’t know if he would be able to make it home by 3:30, so he ran out of my house hoping to get home before he peaked. I finished watching the movie, which was incredibly entertaining, then took out a little bit of bud and smoked. My trip was not really doing much except that the movie was really cool, but I wasn’t getting any visuals yet and began to think that maybe I didn’t take enough and/or took the Rue too late. I got done smoking my tiny bowl pack and walked upstairs to get a piece of bread and then walked back downstairs to my room, turned off the blacklite and thought about what type of music to listen to. I put on SHPONGLE: ARE YOUR SHPONGLED? and watched my lava lamp. As I watched the lamp I noticed the fluid in the lamp started to really mess with my head. It was at that very moment it hit me… The time was 3am…
At about 3am a bomb went off in my head, a bomb of divinity and peace, not of hate and violence. Almost like someone just flipped a switch on in my head, my whole room just came alive right in front of me. Patterns streaked across my field of vision. I looked across the room and a saw a flash of alien-like beings that appeared and disappeared then reappeared briefly to show me that they were here with me to be my guides. Then they disappeared and merged in the air and resided in my ceiling where the light from the lava lamp projected patterns on the ceiling. In my last “spiritual awakening” a few years ago I met these entities before and they told me they were back and were going to help heal the emotional scars from the past. At that point where these entities merged at that point on the ceiling where the lava lamp projected that shifting light, a fog or mist bubbled out of the light and flowed all over the ceiling like fluid. As I laid there the, ARE YOU SHPONGLED? music entered thru my mouth almost like I was eating it and then flowed thru my body, tickling me from the inside. The divine energy flowed calmly over my body like fluid, caressing me and holding me in a powerful yet nurturing grasp. The music formed plant-like patterns and almost like some weird calligraphy growing over everything with hieroglyphic eyes. The couch and the other objects in my room morphed and waved at me. The glass bottle in the lava lamp occasionally started melting and spilling over the sides. I looked into the very large mirror that’s next to my bed and saw my lover sitting next to me and at several points my lovers face molded into mine. The experience turned very sexual at that point and the being/s on the ceiling, where all the energy was coming from turned the misting bubbling ceiling, into almost a very large smooth yet brightly colored chest shifting from red, to orange, to florescent pink, then to a sunset. Spot light that the being was residing at almost turned into a nipple or a belly button. The ceiling was moving up and down almost merging with my body and simultaneously I felt the music that merged with this force stimulated me from all parts of my body from the inside out, almost like I was on a very high dose of MDMA, but very different. From then on I continuously got caught in a trance and the being/s walked me soothingly thru a lot of painful experiences thru my life and I physically felt the energy move thru my body and hit a knot and then heal it, almost like how people describe an Ayahuasca experience. After the first CD finished, there was a silence. I wasn’t sure what to do for awhile, my thoughts were very looped and then I put on another Shpongle CD; SHPONGLE: TALES OF THE INEXPRESSIBLE and let the spirits continue to finish working on my body. Not very long after I put the next CD on it became apparent that the entities were finished with their work and while the effects were still very prevalent they began to slow down. (That was probably around 5:30-6 am.) I grew more and more weak yet refreshed like I was reborn or resurrected from the dead as the journey seemed to slowly be fading away. I grew very restless, and found myself pacing all over the house while my parents were out food shopping. I smoked some more around 7am and then drifted in and out of this twilight sleep. I don’t know if I ever really fell asleep.
Its later on at night that I am writing this and I wish I could describe more to what I experienced but unfortunately it seems like it was just a dream by now slowly fading from my head, though I feel very much refreshed, this was the awakening I have been long waiting for since I got my life back. One of the main things that still sticks in my mind very vividly were the morals the beings where trying to teach me and how much I have so much to learn about my own existence. I remember one vision that I had earlier on while I was flashing thru my life. It was a visual depiction of humanity. This idea manifested thru a vision of a plant or mushroom that signified me and then it panned back and showed me the roots of the plant connect to another pair of other plants, and then panned back and showed me an entire web of life that makes up our world. The entire time throughout the trip the entity, although I never really saw it, I felt its presence very strongly in the ceiling and it calmly told me over and over again thru thoughts like ESP, everything is going to be ok, no matter what happens, and even though you don’t always see it you are truly a good person and deserve to be happy. The entity also reminded me over and over again he/she will be by my side throughout the journey, protecting me and guiding me until his work is finished. Although I found myself laughing and having fun the nature of the experience was very serious, moving, and spiritual.
In conclusion, I feel very lucky to have had such a profound experience once again with my fellow fungi, and am equally grateful for having such a close and loving relationship with the sacred mushroom.
I have experienced a very wide variety of psychedelics; including AMT, Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, Brugmansia (Tree Datura),Cannabis, DXM, GHB, Ketamine, LSD, MDMA, Morning Glories, Nutmeg, Syrian Rue/Perganum Harmala, Salvia Divinorum, ect…. Although it could have been the quality of my consciousness during the times when I tried them I have found that in all cases Datura and Morning Glories seem to have a very sinister almost evil nature to them and seem to be very damaging my the soul, same goes with cocaine and heroin but that’s in a whole other category not to be paralleled to psychedelics and hallucinogens. I am not a very big fan of LSD though I have very limited use with it, so my opinion can go both ways. Right now I am limiting myself to only using a few type of psychoactives from this point on, but from past experience Salvia Divinorum, DXM, LSD, and of course Psilocybin mushrooms seem to be the best route for as far as shamanic journeying. I want to move on to use an Ayahuasca analogue but so far any time I try to use it I vomit prematurely and end up feeling like hell with no visions.
Anyway, I know this is a really long story, I don’t know if my experience has been helpful at all but that’s the gist of what happened to me last night. (May 16, 2005)
Stay safe and always know your stuff…
Take care everyone….

BTW: I highly recommend SHPONGLE for tryptamine/mushroom experiences! The music is specifically made for shamanic journeying and psychedelic experiences. Its overwhelmingly soothing yet weird and beautiful,it really impacted me on my journey last night.

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