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Are You Experienced?

It was Feb.

It was Feb. 14, 2005. My first trip actual trip. I tripped once before with a friend of mine but it was a mere level 1. I ingested 2 grams of my mushies at 10:30 on the dot. Going back downstairs from my room i sat at my computer and ate the remaining 1.5 grams of my mushrooms. These mushrooms are of an unknown strain but i believe they are P. Cubensis.

Around 11:30 i felt the first effects begining. Listening to some Tool, i saw my psychedelic computer background start breathing. As my brother came down stairs from being out getting stoned i immediatly told him of my shroom eating. He asked if i knew where to get any and i did.

Driving to the center of my town where my friend was at i knew not what expect around every turn (although i have been down this road everyday for my entire life). With a great deal of anticipation i started laughing histerically. My brother just laughed and said "having fun?"

After recieving our pot we rolled a blunt and went on a bone ride. On this bone ride we went down a road where there is a hill or turn every 1/10 of a mile almost. As a car came over the hill at around 1 in the morning the light seemed almost heavenly.

Getting back to my house I sat back at my computer and listened to some Jimi Hendrix on windows media player (only for the weird java scripts they have). As Are you Experienced came on i suddenly got this massive head rush. I started to see my walls in my house breath and warp. The music was bombarding my ears at this point and i just closed my eyes and relaxed.

Getting up to go to the bathroom i looked in the mirror.... dont do this. Although looking in the mirror was one of the best things i did all night i stood there un able to move for about 20 minutes. My image captivated me. As i watched my self warp i warped into what i really was. What this was i cannot remember.

And this is where my trip came to and end (with several hours in between). After looking in the mirror i came down and went to bed. Thanks for listening, goodbye and keep on shroomin.

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