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Don't Chew Gum

7/30/98 Yesterday I had my first hard trip.


Yesterday I had my first hard trip. After waiting 4 days to accumulate enough shrooms from my cakes my friend convinced me that we should trip. I ingested about 8 fresh 3 inch shrooms, my friend about 5. We drove around in my truck for awhile and went to a girls house. For a while we sat around her house and watched tv. Slowly I had a weird sensation in my brain and it felt as if my eyes wanted to pop out of my head. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were very dialated. I started to feel bursts of energy as I sat around her house, like at any minute I might jump up and run screaming out of the house. While watching Seinfeld in her room I laughed so hard that I swallowed my gum. (don’t chew gum while tripping...) I tried to cough it up but it wouldn’t come out of my throat. I could feel it in my windpipe. I went out to her porch and tried to puke but nothing happened. This was beginning to become the source of much discomfort. Her dad showed me the new national geographic with the 3D Mars photographs. I wore the glasses and was transported to a different world. The pictures of Mars were so beautiful. Soon after staring at the incredible pictures they started to come alive in 3D and dance. After a while it became late and her dad kicked us out so he could go to sleep. So we drove to my friends house where we sat in lawn chairs. Thats when the tracers started... My friend dashed across the yard and everything was in slow-motion, he bent over and I still saw him standing. It was incredible. The grass started growing, bubbling, swirling and dancing with colors. It was the happyiest moment of my life. The trees danced rythmically and the gravel of his driveway swirled. It was like the gravel had 2 different textures that were superimposed onto each other. I lied on his grass and stared at the clouds. They would pop out at me then dissapear and a different cloud would swoop down out of the sky and then fly off. It was totally random. All in all the trip lasted about 4 hours. It took about 2 hours after ingestion to peak. I plan on doing it again this week. Everybody needs to buy the national geographic with the mars pics and look at it when shrooming.


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