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Another Endless nite

Dosage: Small cup of 2 day old mushroom tea.

Dosage: Small cup of 2 day old mushroom tea. From local mississippi cubensis.
Setting: At my friends house (he was out of town)
Comment: before tripping I did something dumb; ate a burger king chicken sandwich, which i
think reacted negatively with the fungus.

I drank the tea, which was a thick, dark purple sludge. After 20 minutes I was starting to feel
the familiar warm and electric surges, but i felt queasey. Then i noticed i was shaking a lot.
Quivers and Tremors rippling through my legs and mid-section. I am very accustomed to the
sort of mild tremors , like a soft vibration ,on Acid and Mushroom trips.
But this was starting to scare me, I began to wonder if i was having some kind of seizure.

I went to the bathroom to have a good-old-fashoned self induced puke. DePersonalization
began to set in as i reached into my throat and pushed the "REJECT" button. It was like
manipulating some kind of machine.
I tossed up the mushroom juice and the Burger King sandwich. The Inside of the toilet bowl
seemed to be the size of a football stadium and i was viewing it through a fish-eye lens as
I watched the Oils and Acids seperate in an intricate chemical dance in the toilet bowl.

Now i start to feel very sleepy, which worries me again, because you don't normally fall asleep
when peaking on mushrooms. I put on some music of John Coltrane(an incredible saxophonist)
and concentrated on the music as a way of maintaining consciousness. this music is very
intricate and gave me something to dig into mentally.
I found myself in a seeming struggle to stay alive. I was aware of multiple outcomes of the
present universe and found that i was falling into dead-ends, universes which lead to
ever-diminishing choices which culminated in being dead.
I thought about how stupid it would be if my friend got back and found me dead in his house,
how he would have to explain it, he might get arrested, etc,etc.

I kept feeling like somehow the fast food had interacted with the shroom juice and was poisoning
me. I was now peaking very hard and racing down the fractal pathways of alternate universe outcomes,
looking down into each scenario, looking for the ones which led to more options and universes.
Each time i jumped into a more Optioned universe i felt better. Then i decided i was not getting out
of danger fast enough.
Time for Drastic measures. I had a sudden realization that i should simply change the laws of physics.
If the poisoning was a chemical reaction, i would just decide to CHANGE the way my body reacted, on
the molecular level. I began to feel better almost instantly.

The Room turned into dancing letters/beings/movies that were instructing me to make more intelligent
Food choices. I was being scolded by the mushroom entities for eating fast food!
The rest is a bit hazy, but i came down smoothly and felt good the next day.
another long, long night on the edge of the unknown............

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