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And the lady stares at me to this day(first time)

My first time tripping on shrooms was quite something as it probably is with everyone, it was everything i expected in the ways i would of never thought of.

My first time tripping on shrooms was quite something as it probably is with everyone, it was everything i expected in the ways i would of never thought of. I ate shrooms with my good friend and stoner buddy, i read on Shroomery that it is a good idea to do it with a good friend that is expierenced, this was his 5th time so it was safe to say he has been around the block a couple times. I also read on shroomery to not eat alot before a trip, this i tried to do, but i ended up unsuccesful when my mom made me a big supper and told me she wouldnt give me a ride to my friends until i eat a plate of what she made me. So i scarffed it downa and off i went. When I ended up at his house i found out that our other friend was there , we'll call him alex and my tripping buddy jason, just to make sure we didnt do any stupid, this was almost liek forshadowing in a novel. We got the shrooms (an eighth each) and went to a playground were we often toke up and gobbled them up, i didnt find them nasty tasting at all , in fact not that bad. Now all we had to do is wait. We walked for about half and hour and we got to a big field to schools share when things started getting weird.
we took about steps into this field when my friend started laughing uncontrollably , i jsut shrugged it off and siad whatever its starting for him. But then I could have swore that some one had pused me seeming how i tripped and stubbled about 7 feet in the oppisite direction. All i said man was "holy shit man, its starting" and at age sixteen, everything i learned throughout my entire life would be unuseable, and my look on life would be changed forever in the next 7 hours. I looked up at the stars and they started to move as if they were actually planes and this was amaizng, it was like being on a carnavel ride with wicked visuals. but then something bad happend, Jason puked and the feeling of an upside down stomach started to get to me. Jason told me if i did it id feel alot better so i tried to puke,i ended up putting 3 fingers down my throat tyring to gag up wahtever i could, but nothing came up. This made me feel any sicker, and Jason needed to go to the store to get gum cuz his breath reaked of puke but i had to stay in the field i was tripping way to harsh and felt way to sick to go anywhere, Alex stayed with me and jsut tried to talk to me, but it was to intence for it to help any bit. At this point in time i felt like i was spending an enternaty in some sort of hell. The sky was falling on me then but then it would go back to normal and id feel refreshed, for about 3 seconds, before the process would start all over again. The wind was gustting at at least 25 miles and it did not make me feel good at all. When Jason got back i was so glad he was there, to help me in times of feelling like absolute shit, but there was a catch he was with to girls, that resembled deamons one was tall slender and druged up on six pills of afedrin, needless to say she was tripping me out. She was bounicing up and down at a furous rate, i couldnt make out her characteristics because of the trail comming of her but i swore her face was the same as Jack Skellington from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. She kept telling me to buy a pill, i just replied with "no, im tripping out on shrooms" but she was to fucked herself. The other was her best friend, short and i think chubby, she was kinda nice, but i got the feeling that she didnt like me so i tried to igonore her, So where almost out of the feild and i rember looking down at the grass, there was screaming faces everywhere, and i rember me saying "OK. There is faces in the grass...Holy Shit!" I tried to just calm down and it started to work but then something defentely broke my concentration, A cop in an SUV was crusing aroudnt he field looking for some drunk kid, needles to say this was really tipped out, it seemed like he was the only thing that looked normal,everything else was part of the spirit world. Luckly he was dence, this was a givien when he said "u guys dont have any drugs or are intoxicated are you?" and we replied no not looking at him. After that we got to his house and i sat down in his basment, Jason brought me a glass of water and Alex talked to me. We plugged in a CD , a classic, The Dark Side of the Moon, this was quite a ride. It ran the gammet in making me feel excited to sad to scared, scared especially at the end of "Breath". I dont really recall listening to much of the album , more concentrating on my surrondings. Jasons room was orgianganlly a big square room, now completley out of perportion , The wall left of me looked like it was about 20 feet away and the wall infront of was litterally only a cm away. His computer desk was not only about the six of a computer monator and his coach was about the same size. After The Dark Side of the Moon, We put in a CD that I think makes DSTM obsolite, Lateralus by Tool. Not only is this album fuckin phenomanal sober, it was about 10x as good on mush. I understood everysingle meaing of every lyric, almsot as if Maynard (singer) was speaking to me face to face. This was awsome now i needed to get rid of the nauseia. My stomach was completly out of whack, its never felt that bad for this long, i tried to just look at stuff to relax my self. Jason had a calander of Hooters Girls and the one for March was a girl in a queen of hearts out line for the picture. Her smile was up to her eyes and she just stared at me and if seemed as if she represened everything false, everything ugly. I myself felt very ugly for some reason but i kept moving on. At the peak of my trip i was listening to Schism and talking to Alex. There was eyes in his cheecks and his his face was sinking into his nose (really hard to explain). But i didnt really think about it just my stomach, the pain wouldnt go away. By "Dispostion" Alex could no longer stay awake, his last words were "just realx im gonna turno on the black light ur on ur own." This was probably the best thing to happen to me. Everything bad went away the nausea, the closed in feeling, everything. I got up and i felt GREAT i began to dance, everything was moving, my pinnky was two times the size of my middle finger and i felt amazing. When i began to dnace it wa almost as if i was a puppet and the drums were the conductor. I have never danced like that in my life it was phenomanal. After Lateralus Jason put in the new Incubus CD. all i have to say is Brandon (singer of Incubus) your amaizing. We began to talk about liefe and essence in people. Every essence has a color and it was starange cuz we both said at the basically the same time that my eccences' color was blue, his was red and Alex's was Green. I t was odd but spiritually enlightning. At the end of the trip (5:30 AM)The last song on the cd was plsying, the chorus was "the rides over did you enjoy yourself?" call it fate but it was defenetly suiting, I learned so much that i have yet to apply and I feel that I can puish myself harder now because of it, and almost feel obliged to. ALso at the end of the tirp i was feeling so greatful for life , I wanted to thank every single person that has been in my life. Everyone I loved, hated, liked, everyone that broke my heart, everyone, it didnt matter they were all a part of the stream of conciousness and we were all connected. When i completely sobered up it felt like 16 years of stress, pain, missery, depression, and everything negative had been lifted off me I felt ligheter than i and ready to tackle anything. Call me drmatic but my first trip was defenetly life changing, but the weird thning is even after i was sober the lady on the calender stilled stared at me with a smile up to her eyes.
Thank you for reading my trip, even though it was a MASSIVE article thx for taking the time and plz rate it.

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