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An Unordinary Day

It was a decent day outside and me and 2 other buddies FINALLY got ahold of some Psilocybe cubensis that we knew were potent.

It was a decent day outside and me and 2 other buddies FINALLY got ahold of some Psilocybe cubensis that we knew were potent. We choked all 4g of them nasty fuckers down with some water and went over to a friends house before we went to the state park to chill and smoke a blunt. The effects kicked in when i noticed a lot of tingling feeling throughout my whole body, it was mostly toward the middle of my body, almost like i needed some ass, but that wasnt the problem, it was just i couldnt get comfortable how i was sitting.

when we arrived at the park, we went down a trail. we were with other friends about 3 other dudes, and they were already done walking the trail, and us other 2 trippers were not even half way down it yet. we got to talking about that commercial for levi jeans wehre the guys legs are going all fucked up and shit, and his upper body was still, WELL THATS WHAT I FELT LIKE, and i saw my that my boys were walking that same way too, it was so damn funny i had to drop to my knees. but all at the same time this new experience(this was my first time)made me think a lot, so i barely talked but i knew what was goin on.

when we finally got to our destination, the 2 non trippers decided to spark up the blunt, since they were still sober yet. I suddenly felt like everything was dipped in blood, we all spit a lot so there was spit all over the concrete, and to me it just looked like blood, and i would look at my hand holding the blunt, and the blunt and my hand would be bleeding or some shit, i just took a tiny puff and passed the shit, cuz i was scared.

Just then i look up into the trees and i see a huge dragon head, now seeing this actually made me feel better for some reason, it made me feel more secure, and reminded me that it was just the drugs(i done a lot of readin about shrooming before i wanted to try it, and preached a lot to my friends that no matter how you feel, its just the shrooms fuckin with ya) then i looked back down and the ground was waving all over the place, i would see spikey skull faces, kinda like clowns. i was in my own world at the time, then i heard someone say, hey man come lay down on the picnic table and stare into the sky....so i did, and i saw birds and shit flyin around leaving tracers, whenever they w0uld fly by. then when i got up i looked over by the edge of the woods and seen a bunch of quails run out of the woods, then they disapeared.

Then we sat back down to try and smoke that blunt that i forgot all about, and the park ranger came down the trail, by this time it was damn near night time, so we SOMEHOW, played it cool and he didnt suspect shit. i dont know anyone who cant smell a blunt. so the ranger HAD to know we were smoking pot, but he didnt say anything except, well, as long as you are out of here by 10:00pm, we said ok, and that was that.

On the ride out of the park it was like an amusement park ride in the car. I thought it was the shit, i dont remmber anything after that, it was like all of a sudden we were home, then the trip had wore off a little. we saw a cop at a stop sign, i got paranoid and started thinking about how fucking shitty it would be to get caught shrooming, and how it would fuck up my life, it seemed liek the cop was there for like a hour, i felt like i was walking around being really obvious about something i was trying to hide, then he turned off, the fucker. i was relieved.

but i was still shrooming and feeling awsome, just no visuals....i remember my friend whipped a shirt at my face, but didnt touch me, but i biffed it on the ground because i just did, i didnt even think about it, i just hit the floor as if i were actually hit. then all my other friends decided to do it cuz it looked fun.

that is about all i can really remember of the night that was worth saying...if you decide to do shrooms though, make sure you are in a 100% comfortable environment. otherwise you might freak out like i almost did if it werent for that dragan to reminded me, lol

happy shrooming! :)

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