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An Interesting Trip.

I'm deeming this a level four trip although I'm sure I experienced some level five shit.

I'm deeming this a level four trip although I'm sure I experienced some level five shit. This was my second time tripping on mushrooms, I had a great experience the first time, which was about ten days prior to trip no. 2, but nothing could've prepared me for this...

5:55PM: I eat most of an 1/8, mostly caps. I'm psyched for the trip, I'm well-prepared, both physically and mentally. I then proceed to take a shower and find myself on the computer thirty minutes later...I start to get a little queasy, almost an intoxicated feeling, but I feel good.
Approx. 7:00PM: At my homey's crib, chilling in his room...I'm experiencing mild visuals, thinking to myself, "cool." While BSing a bit and listening to some good tunes, I describe to my friend how I'm feeling. I remember feeling so good that I could...eat the bed??? That's right, I had told my friend that I felt I could do anything, for example, I could eat his bed. And I began to grind my teeth on his bed for a few seconds before realizing that eating my friend's wooden mattress frame wasn't a cool thing to do. I was totally cognizant of what I was doing, but for some reason, I did it.
7:XXPM: My friend knows a dude who has a nice hookah located 20-30 min. away..."cool, car ride," I'm thinking. My roommate is driving the car with my other friend and the hookah dude in the back. Five minutes into the ride, lights are flashing and blinking and I'm getting some kickass visuals. "This is tight," I say to myself, not knowing what lied ahead. Keep in mind this is a twenty minute car ride. I start to see wild-looking cars with huge spoilers and tons of cops with their lights flashing all over the place all moving at high speeds. This is on a 20MPH road with little traffic and not one person in the car had seen one cop that night. I started to feel disassociated from everything around me...my close friends, a nice comfy car ride, the notion of my smoking out of a bonified Saudi Arabian hookah. I was scared, but no one could see it. I felt we were going extremely fast, but we weren't. I tried to chill out and tell myself that I took some mush and that everything is cool. I started to sink into the car seat, I had no control over my body. People are talking around me, but I couldn't decipher their words. I'm still seeing cops all over the place, still scared, worried I'm going to get "caught." Then, things get REALLY weird...I start to outthink myself. I wonder , "am I driving this car??", "I'm tripping, I CAN'T be driving this car...can I??" Then I begin to make sense to myself...I am now stealing a car and am running from the cops, meanwhile I have no control over my body and my friends notice nothing. The visuals are coming on as strong as ever, I'm seeing hot-rods and crazy, fucked-up animals driving mustangs, passing me by. The scenery is changing, I start to visualize old-school(think big 60's-style arches) McDonalds and other ancient architecture, all out of my friend's Honda, going maybe 30MPH in the middle of nowhere. Then I begin to visualize home...New Jersey. Meanwhile I am 3000 miles away and in my mind, I had convinced myself that I was in New Jersey, stealing a car. It didn't take long before I had started seeing NJ landscape...to the smallest detail. I was no longer in Washington state, I was in New Jersey. Stealing a car. Tripping my balls off. We arrive at the hookah-dude's house, I begin to sober up, or so I think. I remember being slightly angry at myself on the ride home for some reason, but other than that, I remember nothing. I wake up mentally in my friend's room a few minutes later, my friends still had no idea what had been going through my head and I was not done tripping. We had the hookah and I was in a friendly environment with friendly people. Hookah dude had brought Shisha(fruit and tobacco) to smoke in the hookah, along with some whacky tobacky. For those that have never seen Shisha, it gets a tad sticky and looks like blood. At least when you're tripping. I was still totally oblivious to what was going on and visuals were still incredibly strong, I had no idea what I was doing, where I was and what I was saying/hearing. Someone walks in, another good friend of mine and he says, "we gotta get this dead body cleaned up by morning." Right. So here I am, packing Shisha, getting ready to smoke and it hits me...we killed somebody and there was "blood" all over my fingers. I remember looking at a watch and seeing the word "shit" digitized on the watchface. What the fuck had happened? In a daze, I somehow managed to smoke some Shisha and after a few puffs, I was completely sober. The trip lasted around three hours, but was so incredibly intense I have been pondering it for about a week now. I told my friends about it and they had no idea all this had happened. I didn't bother to mention a few things as I am still trying to sort everything out, but that's basically what I remember and I still have absolutely no idea what caused this incredible trip. Oh well. I'll tell you what happens next week when I drop some acid, maybe that'll be even more fun.

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