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an empty house and 5 kids.

Well we had begun that night looking for shrooms all over the city.

Well we had begun that night looking for shrooms all over the city. We called everyone we knew - and no one seemed to have any 'until tomorrow'. When we were close to giving up, we sat behind a starbucks on this saturday night wondering what we were going to do when suddenly a freidn of a friend of our approached us and asked if any of our friends or us liked mushrooms. We gave him $80 that we had and he came back from his car with 5 tightly packed baggis of mushrooms called 'purple ringers'. He said since it was my first time shrooming he would give us a deal - my other friends decided to lie and say it was also their first time so we call got our own 1/4 oz of mushrooms.

We called our friend Eric and asked if he would like to hang out that night and he said he was just coming off his trip and that he was too scared to go back into his house for a few hours because he had eaten 3/4 of an oz of shrooms - but we could use his house since his parents were away.

So we happily drove to his house and split up the mushrooms. We sat down and smoked a few big bowls of some florida Crip weed (or sometimes referred to as highs, KB, or chronic in some other places - it was really green with red hairs and crystals). After we were nicely stoned it was about 12:00am, we all sat down to scarf down a large pizza which I ate 3 slices of with all of the caps places on the pizza. this didnt taste so bad and I didnt taste any of the cow crap like my friends had warned me about.

We all retreated to the patio outside (this house was on the gulf of mexico with a dock - it was quite nice and 2 story). I sat outside with one of my friends who was heavy into crack, coke, herion and oxycontin - he knew what it was like to trip - I had only tried alcohol and marijuana so he was trying to muffle his excitment that I wuold be tripping - I didnt approve of his drug use but he was a good friend of mine so i stuck by him. I began to talk to the plant next to me, I named him Ralph and he and I had a very indepth conversation until I realized that I was replacing my friends voice with the plants and that I thought the plant, and not my friend, was talking to me for over 15 minutes. Suddenly the trip got very heavy. I thought the screened-in area we were laying down in was a glass sphere, not in reality, but in space in another dimension. I told my friend I wanted to get up and go into reality, back inside. I was talking about the social injustices in the world, and he said I was saying from very philosophical and profound things - but I cannot remember exact quotes. I got up and hopped around madly w/o making too much sound until I saw a pole that was supporting the ceiling of the patio. I grabbe donto the pole and wrapped my arm around it and suddenly it felt like I was bonded to the pole by concrete, I eventually became unraveled and ent inside the house. My friends were already tripping heavily doing crazy things like running around the house and experimenting with colors. I looked at myself in the mirror, which I had been warned not to do, and I was suddenly confused about which sid eof the mirror i was on, and my face looked slightly transparent. I could see the bones through my skin and it lookedl ike half my face was drooping down. I thought this mirror was EVIL! I went to the bathroom and as soon as I turned on the light, time became extremly distorted. I looked in the mirror and had a lot of trailing. It felt like beign in a flip book - time came in frames and it was kind of fun. The metallic orange and blue turquious walls really tripped me out and suddenly bubbles of colors began coming out of the walls and floating around. I blinked a few times but the bubbles were still floating aroudn so I left o get one of my friends to show them. When I came back everythign was normal. My friends and I walked out to the dock outside and began to stare into the water. We suddenly realized that the wate was teeming with life! Minos swam in synchronized patterns like tornados circling the light that was shining into the water. Loads of catfish gathered at the light, little pinfish we suddenly turning into stick and back into fish, crabs floated around and several of them were clung to a coconut flaoting by. A lotm of really cool trippy things happened that night and it was a ot of fun. I really want to try and find a shroom field in SW florida and I think I know a plac to find them but I'm scared of eating poisonous ones! I woke up and felt very tired the next day but I felt good. This was a great first tip - thanks Purple ringers! :P

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