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An emotional rollercoaster

Having only done small amounts of shrooms before (usually aorund 3 grams) I decided that I would go for a big one and aim for a level 5, unfortunately I ended up being stuck with a level 4, oh well.

Having only done small amounts of shrooms before (usually aorund 3 grams) I decided that I would go for a big one and aim for a level 5, unfortunately I ended up being stuck with a level 4, oh well.

So I'm at rez in my roomates room, wanting to do it nice and quick I made a nutella sandwich and threw about 8 grams onto it. Usually the taste aint that bad but after munching on 8 grams they really do start to taste like a dirty arse. So me and two other buddies of mine, they smoked a bit of mary jane and were baked, had decided to sit back and play halo 2. They left to smoke some more and thats when the first bit of it hit me.

I was lying on the bed and was looking at the ceiling, and the light from lamp on it started moving and making this wicked cool kalediscope pattern on the ceiling. I even saw the plasma sword from halo 2 as well and it was great because the trip at that point put me into complete joy. Honestly it was the greatest feeling on earth, but that didnt last long.

There was suddenly a knock at the door and when I heard it I completely freaked out for some reason. I jetted into my room, locked the door turned off my music (which before was also really tripping me out too). It turns out it was another buddy of mine who was coming to check up on me knowing that I was going for the top that night. I was so freaked out by it that I went to my bed and hid under the covers and thats when it reallllllyyyyyy went weird.

Time slowed down to a crawl, whenever I'd look at the clock and think that an hour had passed it turned out only ten minutes went by. At first I saw little lightening bolts all over the place and when I looked over at the poster of George Dubya Bush on my wall (it was maing fun of him) I saw all these little army guys appear around and they stated to shot him with laser beams. I had another poster of a half naked lady on my wall and she too got in on the action and started shooting laser beams from her eyes at dubya.

That quickly ended though because I started feeling every single emotion I've ever felt in my entire life, and they were always too the extreme. I remember feeling giddy like a two year old child, then having absoulte fear as if everything in my life was going to go worng. I felt love, pride, joy, hatred but for the most part it was fear. Sometimes it was fear that my blankets were snakes that were going to bite my neck other times it was of my friends when they were banging on my locked door to check up on me, and i was thinking they were going to come in and kill me.

That went on for about two hours and pretty much I lyed on my bed drooling doing the whole emotional roller coaster thing. At one point I tried to do the whole outta body loss of reality thing but could never get there simply because I thought even those kinds of hallucinations were too complex for my current state of mind to handle.

Eventually I came down and I decided to get out of my room and rejoin the rest of humanity. I went and hanged out with my stoned buddies and played some more halo 2 and had some pointless and dumb conversations with them. After that was over I went into my room again and watched some TV because I couldn't get to sleep still having voices whispering to me for the next couple of hours.

I figure next time I do it I'll go for a level 5 but instead of bumming out in my room I'll try and be social. A word of advice, despite how hard it might be when tripping out doing it with people is ALWAYS better.

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