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An 8th and a 1/2 of Magic Mushrooms

This happened in Portland, Me.

This happened in Portland, Me. I'm a 150LB. 15 yr old male. I was with my girlfriend & my homeboy. I was very eager to eat my mushies as quick as possible. I smoked a lot of pot and popped 2 klonapins. I was feeling pretty nice when I decided to eat them. I ate them all plain w/ salt. I chewed an 8th all up in 3 different mouth-fulls at about 9:00PM. I chewed them up as fine as possible and swallowed. I sat around smoking bowls for another half hour before we decided to go set up my bed but as soon as we entered the room I just felt overwhelmed and had to sit down. As soon as I did this I felt extreme euphoria. We smoked a few more bowls to enhance my own trip. We started just chillin' layin' down when I didn't feel like myself anymore. I started saying and doing things that I would never do sober. Then my horny girlfriend wanted to have sex so I went along with it for a little while until I got scared. As soon as I put it in I started havin crazy thoughts and visuals, and on top of that I couldn't concentrate, I looked around and saw all of the visuals. There were kaleidoscopes on my friend's faces, the walls, the blankets, and the floor. All of these little things that I would never pay attention to were standing out like a black dot on white paper. I decided it wasn't the best idea to have sex while trippin' so I pulled out. Right at this point I turned on Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon 3 times one after another. I looked up at the ceiling and we have those little tiny white pebbles all over the place and I stared at the ceiling for almost ten minutes straight! After that I started asking all kinds of questions about the room we were in. In the room there was a glass door, and when I noticed it was actually there I was fascinated. I looked out the door and stared into the darkness forever. If someone were to let me out of the house alone I probably would have gotten lost in the woods. I kept seeing normal things like trees outside, or cars driving down the road, and I was fascinated with everything. This is one of my sentences I said while trippin, "Dude, is . . . uhhh I think the trees are looking at me!! The smoke is eating me alive!!!" Little things that I would never notice looked so trippy and cool that I was in a temporary heaven. By this time it was about 12:30AM. Right at this time a my friend's older brother and sister came in to ask to match up a few bowls but I was speechless. This is were my bad trip started. They came in and sat down to start smoking but I just started freaking out in my head. I was going nuts. I felt like I wanted to kill myself because there was no way out. It was extreme anxiety to the max. I have never been so freaked out in my life. After we were done smoking they went to bed and finally left us alone. After my bad trip ended we just smoked, saw trippy shit, and reminiced on what just happened. The next day I felt like a changed man.
I say if you're thinking of doin' shrooms, do it in a comfortable environment, with few people, a good surrounding, and some trippy tunes. Word of Advice: 1/2 8th=Light trip
full 8th= good trip
Any more than a 1/4 oz.=Deadly

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