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Amusement Park Trip

I'm not sure whether I should have rated this a level 3 or a level 4 trip, but I believe it to be a level 4 since I did communicate with an inanimate object.

I'm not sure whether I should have rated this a level 3 or a level 4 trip, but I believe it to be a level 4 since I did communicate with an inanimate object.

Me, my GF (Jessica) and another couple we chill with (Marcus and Nadine)had had this plan to trip at LaRonde, Montreal's big amusement park.

We chose to go on a day where they were putting on a fireworks display. The fireworks at laronde are among the best in the world.

The day began at around noon when we all met up at the local McDonalds and took the bus/metro downtown to the Park. After buying tickets and so-forth, we smoked a couple of joints to keep us from wanting to eat our shrooms before it was time. We had decided to trip at around 7:30-8:00 pm so that we could peak while watching the 30 minute fireworks show, and it was only 1:30.

We rode rides and played games all afternoon. I won a little plush smiley-face with arms and legs and I'm glad I did.

At around 7:50 we went to subway and each bought our favorite sandwich to eat our shrooms in. Everyone took 2 grams exept me, I had decided to gobble 4.5 grams.

We then decided to ride a few rides until our little snack kicked in. We were all looking foreward to an amazing evening. My three companions chose to go to an area on the other side of the park and ride the rides there which we had not yet been on. On the way me and Marcus grabbed maps at the information center and plotted out a path leading us around the park on all the little rides that we thought would be trippy to ride and which landed us in the perfect spot to watch the fireworks.

I must stop here to explain something about myself, when I take shrooms, I usually start to trip way before anyone else. It's something I have become accustomed to but had not taken into account when I had agreed to go ride the big roller-coasters that my friends and girlfriend wanted to go on. By the time we arrived at the 'boomerang' (one of those big ones that goes foreward, and then backwards along the same track, I was already starting to trip out. After careful contemplation while standing in line, I came to the conclusion that there was no way in hell that anyone was getting me on that f*ck*ng thing. I waited for them around the other side on some benches facing the haunted house.

This is where my trip really took off, and I mean FAST!

The haunted house has an enourmous red and orange dragon painted on it (approx 2 stories high and 40 feet across) and I could simply not resist looking as the beautiful job the artist did painting it. Another reason I found it hard to resist looking at was that this giant colorful dragon found this to be an opportune time to inform me, in a deep, british accent that he believed that I was going to have one helluva trip. Who was I to argue?

my companiong came back from their ride and stood right in front of me, killing off that little trip and dragged me onto a smaller roller-coaster nearby. This one I just had to go on, it being big and green and 'twisty' it looked like a giant green vine, with a yellow caterpillar crawling along it at a very fast pace. I couldn't resist.

Okay, bad idea, it was just too intense. After getting off, I swore off the big rides for the rest of the night.

At this point, it was beginning to get dark and everyone was starting to feel the effects of the shrooms. My Girlfriend, who never likes the ride up, began feeling a bit nauseous. But she said she'd get over it, no big deal. We went to get her a drink at the coca-cola mist station (vending machines inside a mist-spraying outdiir frame) and me and her sat down while M and N went on some more rides.

Things got ugly real fast as Jessica began feeling REALLY sick and was getting sharp stomach pains. She began to cry and wanted to go home. M and N returned and I informed them of my sweetheart's condition. We all sat for awhile as none of us were feeling to well and decided to forget about our little treasure-map, and just go sit quietly and wait for the fireworks. As soon as we got out of the mist-soaked zone surrounding the vending machines, we all began to feel immediateley better and settled down in a small picnic area to rest. I was tripping like a motherf*ck*r at this point as I looked into a small garden and saw all the plants and flowers becoming sort of 'digitally enhanced'. Everyone had a good laugh at my pitiful attempt to explain this.

Then we heard it. BOOM! the 10 minute warning cannon echoed through the park. As we ran to get to our places, the crowd did the same and I found myself running with people with balloons, giand fruits and animal heads on their shoulders instead of their normal heads. They were all dressed in colorful clothing and all wore clown shoes.

We found a soft grassy spot where we could see the sky clearly in every direction. then Jessica and Nadine pointed up towards the bridge (Laronde is on an island and there's a long suspension bridge linking it to the rest of Montreal) and it was full of thousands and thousands of people (this is a huge event.) Imagine looking up at a suspension bridge from down below and seeing that mady people up there. It looked as though th bridge was sinking lower and lower to the water.

Then began the fireworks. These were fantastic fireworks, with so many colors and shapes and noises, this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I peaked. As I sat there playing with a one of the little stuffed aliens Marcus had brought alond, I witnessed a battle in the sky as the people up on the bridge shot huge exploding balls of magic at my dragon who was now flying around over the water, dodging the brightly colored explosions. As the falling sparks hit the water, it lit ablaze with a bright rainbow-colored mass of flames which reached hight into the night sky, mingling with the explosions above, which just kept coming and coming.

When the show finally ended, the dragon flew at the bridge, breathing the same rainbow fire as before at the people, who ran in panic.

Now that everyone was feeling better again, and was once again ready to have fun, we went on a few on the smaller rides before leaving. To me, this was like flying around in a bunch of magic flying boxes, darting in and out of all the brightly-colored lighted structured that made up the park.

Then, as suddenly as the fireworks began, all the lights were shut off and the people in the park stampeded out the front gate (still fleeing the dragon, who was still soaring around in the sky) to catch the busses outside.

After a bus and two metro rides, my trip, as well as those of my compnions abated. As we boarded the last bus to get us back home, I found a seat next to a big wide-open window that I could lan out of, which I did all the way home. I felt wonderful. I contemplated life and how terrific it was to be alive. I thought of how much I love my girlfriend and how I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and how much I love my friend and family. I thanked god, or whoever it was that was in charge of my life for making it so wonderful. I did this the entire way home, the whole 1 1/2 hour bus ride.

This was last night, what I now call, the most wonderful night of my life. I plan on returning next month for the third fireworks show of the season, but I plan on taking only 3 this time, and bringing along as many friends as I can because I want to share this experience with as many people as possible.

One last thing, to all you Montrealers out there, I have one bit of advice, and here it is:



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