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Disney's Robin Hood, jesus christ..

First off, some background info.

First off, some background info. I'm a 17 year old male, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm about 183 cm and 80 kilos so Im not -that- small of a guy. Now those of you who live in Europe have probably heard about Christiania, which the only way to describe as is a mini-Amsterdam but a MUCH better atmosphere imho. It's a place where you can buy almost any type of GOOD weed/hash/shrooms just out in the open. It gets raided once in a while but meh.. they just start selling again 20 minutes after the Po-Pos leave :-).
Anyways it was Christmas break and I had the house all to myself so some good friends of mine and me decided we were going to trip on shrooms. Now as I mentioned before, the stuff you can get here is GOOD so even 2 grams is enough to FUCK you up. My friends, whom I'll call M and N, had decided on buying a gram of Mexicans plus about 5-7 grams of various hashes and skunks for the night to go with our trip. M, however, bought 2 grams. Since I frequent the booth where we were buying our "stuff", the guy hooked me up with around 1.6 grams for the same price as 1 (about 10 bucks). Don't let that fool you, stuff here is pretty cheap.
Another friend, who's an avid weed smoker (won't even touch alcohol) had met us in Christies and since it was a bitch of a cold night opted to drive us home in exchange for him chillin at my place for a bit. Fair enough. So we get home and eat our shrooms. My 1.6g, N's 1 gram and M's 2 grams. First of all it was N's first trip so he was a bit weary of taking the shrooms. He'd learn soon enough that it was worth it :-). Prior to us taking the shrooms, we hadn't eaten for about 3 hours so we had to stack up on munchies. Chips and candy galore! We decided that it would be better to roll all of our joints before we ate the shrooms as none of us would be able to roll after the full effects kicked in. Turned out to be 5 joints.
We get home (around 10 pm) and decide we were going to eat the shrooms at 11. We had an hour to kill so we light up a joint. At the same time, the guy who drove us home was also making a joint. Between 10 and 11 we managed to smoke 3 joints. Not bad..
Finally.. it was 11! We all ate our shrooms and at the same time smoked another joint. About 20 minutes later we all started feeling it and the guy who drove us home decided to leave. Guess he wasn't too comfortable being around a bunch of druggies, hehe. I can't speak for the other two, but for me it was as if waves of pure joy were washing over me. We decided to watch a few movies that I had found downstairs, namely Robin Hood. Now I hadnt watched this movie since I was 8 so it really did fucking rock :-). It was as if I was really in the movie, interacting with all the different characters.
We mostly just stayed in my living room watching movies but after Robin Hood was finished, M and N decided to go outside (it was about 2 in the morning) to take a piss in the snow. Now it sounded like a good idea at the time so I actually DID want to get up, but the second I got up I felt this overwhelming feeling of gravity just pushing me down. I think it was because I had layed down on a sofa for 2 or 3 hours then just jumped up :P. Never the less, while the two went outside to write their John Hancock's in the snow *heh*.. I stayed inside. With the TV off and absolutely no sound anywhere, I became lost within my own mind. I started concentrating on all these thoughts flying in and out of my head and after a while everything made sense. I developed a thesis for our existance and it seemed to explain everything. It seems too complicated to explain but it has something to do with our life energy entering and exiting other forms of life. When we die, our soul doesn't but rather gets transfered into a new part of life. Everything has life energym cells, trees.. all bio matter. Sounds weird, huh? Well it makes sense to me :-).
After M and N got in we started another movie and to be honest, I dont remember much after that. All I remember is that the cover I had over me had these CRAZY patterns and the mnore I looked at them, the more they started moving and turning. I was starting to come down so I lit up another ganja joint but the other two must've been too out of it because they didn't even want to smoke it! heh, more for me. Everything after that is kinda a blur, sorry :-).
The next morning all our energy had been completely drained. I mean we were OUT OF IT.. we had some weed left so we waked and baked. The best thing is I still had the house to myself for another week! ahh, I love life sometimes.

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