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Lets start with the plane journey.

Lets start with the plane journey.Get on plane,seatbelts on,safety announcements,boring cheese sandwhich,you can now go the toilet announmcement,spot the stoner competition,seatbelts on,enjoy your weekend in the coffee shops from the progressive air hostess.

I arrived at my hotel had a quick bite to eat and headed off to the best mushroom shop in town.So I got to Conscious dreams about liberty caps-unfortunately they are no longer available so I chose(or thought it was me choosing not the other way around) a packet of Mexican Cubenesis.

I walked back to the hotel,drank some nice red wine and decided to try to clean the dirt off the mushrooms.They were fat and chunky with a strong bluish tinge.

I must have inadvertedly got some Psilocin on my hands because about half an hour later I started giggling for no apparent reason.My stomach started to feel tight and I decided to lie down.I feel asleep and had a strange dream that I met someone I used to know.I called her by the wrong name and she got pissed(off).

After a hearty breakfast the next day I fasted for most of the day and took the mushrooms at at about 2.30.

Soon after I began to feel the effects of the all too familar nausea and decided to lie back on the bed. I began to feel incredibly warm and started to laugh ucontrallably and became mentally completely absorbed in a crystal I had bought that morning.

I tried putting a doors casette into my walkman(I don't know what name this goes by in the states but it's a small portable casette player)but didn't like the sound fo it so that was hastily abandoned.

All of a sudden I started having a two-way conversation with the spirits of the mushrooms.It was as if they had seized control of my vocal cords.

Mushroom spirit 1: Every plant and tree is sacred and holy and must be saved.Do you understand?.

Claire:Yes I understand

(This message was reiterated about five times duriong the afternoon)

Mushroom Spirit 2 o not be afraid
Claire:I am not afraid

This was in response to my slight hestitation at entering the spirit world. This world was populated by benevalent and malevalent beings.

The system won't let me post any more words so i'll have to start a new message thread in a minute.


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posted August 10, 2003 04:28 AM
(Continues from last message)
The only way to survive in this realm was by chanting the mantra,go with the flow,go with the flow repeatedly.The mushroom spirits sent a spirit to watch over me the whole time I was there-he was standing to my left the whole time and glowed bright white.

They then sent me back to our reality and then showed me the universe of the mushrooms which was populated by mushrooms coloured like the colours that you see if you look through a crystal.It was a beautiful world.

They then started talking through me again:
Mushroom entity:we have shown you and told you.Now go and do.
Claire: I will go and do.

Mexican animals appeared on the ceiling and the mushrooms told me that I had to stand up to them by fixing them with my gaze and that if I didn't they would swoop down and devour my flesh.

They also revealed my power animal to me by making the images of three lions appear on my left arm.

I was informed that there were two types of humans.Those tho are sufficently enlightened to be told directly what the mushrooms have to say and those who need to have their behaviour altered by a more subtle approach of behaviour.They had a particularly strong message to give about the need to evangelise about the saving of the planet.

After a while I slumped back mumbling that was intense and gradually managed to order food from room service at about 10pm.

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