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Well first of I have taken Magic mushrooms around 4 times (level 1) with 2 of my stoner buddy’s but what I experienced yesterday night just didn’t compare.

Well first of I have taken Magic mushrooms around 4 times (level 1) with 2 of my stoner buddy’s but what I experienced yesterday night just didn’t compare.
It was a Friday night and after a long day at college I walked to J’s house where we got a lift to the local head shop with C, to pick up 30 grams of fresh un-dried Hawaiian mushrooms. J and myself were to take 10 grams each and C who had experienced a previous bad trip was working himself up on a 5gram dosage.

When we arrived back at J’s house we decided to build some joints as we guessed we’d be to spasticated to do it later. We decided to set up a 2man tent in the back of J’s garden as normally we trip indoors but tonight nature was going to be on are side.
J made me a sandwich, as I had not eaten anything all day, hoping for a faster more intense mushroom experience. After a slight lining of my stomach we began eating the shrooms at around 7.30, washing the distinct taste down with some water, I made sure to chew them up in my mouth for a while as I heard it would bring things along more. After a few joints I felt the warm buzzing mushroom energy flowing all through my body and a slightly weird sensation in my stomach however I tried to keep my mind focused to avoid a bad trip.

The others where now in the tent laughing and joking, the mushrooms had obviously not kicked in enough yet making me slightly anxious of being in a cramped 2 man tent with 3 people now in it, as another friend had came round to trip sit with us. After being called to come outside I went to stand up and noticed that things were extremely bold, I also found it slightly difficult to walk feeling off balanced and somewhat tipsy like. Making my way into the tent was like crawling into a smoking cave with 3 potheads hot boxing the thing and it was here in the tent my very first visualisations were starting to occur . . . I could see lots of faces on the side of the tent, then melting. By now lots of thoughts were racing through my mind that seemed to change by the second. My voice by now sounded really loud, echoing through my mind it sounded so clear and I also noticed that I could feel the air entering and exiting my lungs it was like I was inside or remote from my whole body. I started to sink into the hard ground, which felt like I was lying on a waterbed or floating on top of some clouds.

By now I started to relax and remembering childhood memories/feelings but was still excited and on edge of what was going to happen next or just exactly when I would return to reality. Pink Floyd was now on and like always it was the best damn-fucking thing I have ever heard in my life, taking me on an auditory and visual trip deep inside my mind I felt a great feeling of euphoria. Next came answering questions that came to mind, at the time I felt that all my problems were melting away and that I couldn’t care about anything but the great feelings of happiness and well being deep inside. I hadn’t experienced anything like this before but it soon came to the conclusion that the whole mushroom experience was about releasing the mind, I had to understand and except the things which were happening before me before I could explore deeper into my mind. I was inside my brain, my body feeling detached and I even had to remind myself to breathe!

J and N went inside as J needed to lie down, so C and me sat inside the more spacious tent that seemed to change size by the second. The visuals were getting much more intense as the sides of the tent seemed to bend, cut into two and other crazy variations. I was not talking much to C at this point as I was quite contempt with flying through this crazy journey, at which point I hear a loud pressured ‘hssssssssssssssssss’ sound that was scaring the shit out of me. I turned to C in shock and said ‘SNAKES’! I then looked down at the joint in my hand and realized that I had burned a hole in the lighter; suddenly I felt totally soaked as I felt the sides of the tent I could see water flowing down the sides of the tent like a river, I asked C who was at a safer dosage and less fucked up if it really was and if I was soaking wet but he assured me it was only slightly wet on the outside and that we wasn’t wet at all. By now I was starting to worry so we crawled out the tent, I got out and looked around me but I was in no where it was like I was in a dark hole… nothing to be seen but darkness. Then I saw myself in this nothingness from an outside view! Like I saw myself from above standing in the middle of nowhere, I began to walk forward as I saw the back of J’s house but unlike normal his house seemed miles away and was a ¼ of its original size! There was planks of wood in the way of my trail back to the house which I had to climb over almost it seemed, as I opened the backdoor I instantly gazed at the normally black and white tiled floor which at this point was unexplainable, lots of colour blending, flashing and 3d effects. I went and leaned against the top of J’s bunk bed as I felt the need to stay still, grabbing hold of the bar and holding myself up I saw the floor fall beneath me and held tight until the floor returned in neon colours!
There was now room on the sofa so I sat down; the sofa was really trippy too as I could see it breathing along with the walls that where bending/morphing into strange patterns. I noticed that the wood grain of the drawer was wiggling with worm like things and the computer monitor had a mini tornado swirling around mixing everything up.

The others were watching finding nemo but at this point I began to realize reality as everything around me slowly became more normal. I was left with a bubbly, stoned, monged feeling and was pissed that I couldn’t stay in the over exaggerated, trippy world I was in but was left with a whole memory of one amazing journey. The trip was complete and to my amazement the time was only 11.30!

Thank you for reading this long ass trip report!


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