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amazing music festival experience

i am a 17 yr old male about 125 pounds and have tripped 3 times in the past but never more than 2 grams.

i am a 17 yr old male about 125 pounds and have tripped 3 times in the past but never more than 2 grams. i plan to go off to college in a few months and my intentions for this trip were to serve as a wake up call for me because college was coming at me way too fast. the setting was perfect: on the mountaintops of west virginia at All Good music festival camping out for 3 days with friends P, D, and H. During the daytime before the music starting playing me and P went out and bought a quarter of closed cap cubensis from one of the many wandering drug dealers. the scorching sun finally started to set and we split the bag and munched down right in front of the stage.

in the past i had always smoked weed during the come up and throughout the trip but this time i didnt want to so i waited and relaxed. about 30 minutes pass and ween and les claypool come out and perform. at this point all 4 of us felt heavy and started to get into the mind trip. what they played really messed with my head and i got a few bad vibes for a short time. visuals came on fast and i had a feeling it was gonna be a hard trip. i didnt allow my mind to trip out too much because i didnt like the way it felt at the time so i found myself constantly bringing myself back to reality in a way just trying to focus on the people on stage. i looked at H and he was getting aggrevated at me for some reason. i thought about how much more often H trips more than i do and wondering why he liked having the feeling i had at the very second. i look at D and he looks surprisingly different: a little younger looking and like a loner kid trying to fit in and look cool. he had taken some molly and an eighth of mushies and looked pretty gone. P looked very uncomfortable and was sweating balls.

after they got off stage the next people to play were trey anastasio and mike gordon with benevento-russo duo. my 3 friends drifted a little in the crowd, i look around me and im surrounded by other people tripping. in front of me are two guys around 19-20 yrs old that keep looking back at me and talking to each other. i hear them say "once i saw his eyes i knew...you think he can hear us? naww" i laugh a little to myself. at this point my body and limbs feel like as a feather and i hear them whisper "you think he'll be alright? yea he's fine" as he said that i let go of everything i was holding back and found myself peaking. my heart feels like its up in near my throat as i drift out of body and towards the stage. to confirm that this was actually happening i twich a little and come back in control of my limbs. after i knew it was safe i closed my eyes and drifted again. with all the lights on stage it intensififed the closed eye visuals which were 3d patterns flowing through me in the ryhthm of the music. i open my eyes and look around. it looks like a whole new world that the music and the mushrooms have lifted all the people into a special place only accessible to a select few. i felt honored, and let the music take me away. it then starts to rain and it feels like a gift from God. i raise my arms towards the stars, take a deep breath and feel amazing. at this point i feel enlightened and had the desire to go around and meet every single person that shared this experience with me

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