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Amanita Pantherina


WOW!! I was curious, I found, I ate, I found again!

Amanita pantherina; no-one seems to have reported this here
yet, so...

we found some in a local Oak forest near the hometown, and beign quite connected, I thought at least some-one could give some info on what sort of trip it is...my only response I could get was "near death experience" muscaria info is all over the net so I figured it would be similar.

we ( a fellow explorer and your's truly ) decided to try half a gram of freshly dried Pantherina at first...no response; so the next day it was one and a half grams.

"Come on" took about 1.5 to two hours, co-ordination was involunterily swapped around. I could feel physical objects and people from quite a distance, my freind kept on dropping and catching his drinks! VERY different from the psilocybes I've tried. at about 1;am ( by now I had smoked and consumed another gram+-)I decided to close my eyes, wow! another world, not as pleasant as psilocybe, but intriguing enough, and I was going somwhere.

higher and higher it rose until it was unbearable, but I had to go, it's not a case of deciding to leave, you're there and on your way, no matter what you WANT to do, you must go with it. all I could was hold on tight!
it took me so far I thaught I was dying, after about 2 hours
this "road" stopped, and I was on the edge!( by now the phisical was liquid in appearance, and the walls and floor was melting all around me ) really, on the edge!
To be, or not to be, and it WAS the ultimate question. on my side was physical life as I knew it, on the other, the road dove straight down into oblivion, was I dead? I chose to stay though, scared of losing MY sense of reallity, although I really had to concentrate on not falling off the edge, like balancing? it lasted about 30 minutes, luckily they let me stay so I could write this report tonight!
My freind said his experience was not one to forget easily, he had "shakes" of sorts all night long, his hands and arms would twitch without him knowing it.
I got very nauseouse and threw up twice through the whole procedure, and I've never been that close to death in my life. I wouldn't consider trying them soon again unless I have a reason to... so there it is, Amanita pantherina... experience delux!

as soon as my scanner works I'll send you some pics of the forbidden fruit.


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