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AM I the One?

This is an amanita report, so the levels don't exactly match.

This is an amanita report, so the levels don't exactly match.

I was initiated by the late James Arthur at his North Fork home. 30 grams of dried amanita muscaria were put into 170 F water for 45 minutes. After that I chugged the not unpleasant gruel, like a thin oatmeal.

In order to potentate the trip, one should expect to re-imbibe their urine that is produced on the trip; so emptying ones bladder at the outset is a good idea, so that the next bladder fill-up will be amanita metabolites.

Arthur catagorizes 3 levels of A.M. trip:
1) drowsy lite stoney
2) the Loops (explained below)
3) thru the Rifts

After 1-2 hrs I entered level 1. Throughout, there were not visuals or bright colors, as with dmt shrooms, but rather a heightened mental space, a clarity of perception. Instead of being submerged by an undertow of bright colors and swirling fractals, this by comparison is a very heightened sense of being the Perceiver, if not the Creator, of all the world you survey.

Level 2, the Loops, has analogies to a quantum level state. As I watched someone move, it was like seeing action broken into frames as in a movie. Within each frame, the actor repeated his action over and over (hence the "loops."). Normally we don't perceive these minute divisions of a cycle of action. We just see them blurred into a linear movie. But here, I could watch each frame. I call it quantum because each cycle of action was discrete; there was a gap between each. Linear time is an illusion.

Level 3, I did not get into. JA describes it as the trip intensifying, and sudden flashes begin to appear in the spaces between the loops. These "rifts" are portals into a deeper world that underlies the more surface world of quantum actions and surface continuity. One can jump into the Rifts and enter a world more akin to the Shaman's Tree, where reality has a profound duality. One can go up the tree into heaven worlds, or down into hell worlds.

But, even though he said I was one of the best newbie subjects he had ever seen, I did not get to level 3.

At the height of my level 2, I began to suspect that "I" was really the godhead, that the world about me was my creation. In fact, I was at the center of it, and there were multiple concentric layers of projection surrounding me. I could will my gaze outward and it would keep expanding into the outer world, but as I let it withdraw, each layer of the projected world closed like a shutter. I could create or collapse the world with my will and gaze.

I looked at James at he had a great cheshire cat grin. He knew that I knew; and what I knew was that he and I were the same Being playing at being separated. I realized that everything that "he" owned also belonged to me, and I could do with it what I wished. But I was just sober enough to realize that this wouldn't fly under normal consciousness!

I tried to take a booster dose when it was clear I wasn't going to get into level 3, but couldn't hold it down.

The teaching about the true nature of time has stayed with me, and continued to unfold. I will report on how this affected my second amanita trip shortly.

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