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am i satan?

It was fryday (pun intended).

It was fryday (pun intended). I was going to get picked up by my friend jed, then we were going to go hang out in town. So i decided to eat a couple of fairly large shrooms. Little did i know i greatly underestimated the potency of these mushrooms. We didn't have school that day because of flooding. I munched the shrooms down about ten minutes before he got to my house.

After he picked me up we went driving through the backroads to get to town. I remember the scenery was beautiful. The sky was a brilliant blue and the clouds were a lovely contrast.

When we got into town jed drove into the school parking lot. I said "what the hell are you doing"? he said "i'm going to school". This kinda put me into a panic. I immediately thought of the first place i could go. Jason was out of school so i could go over there.

Jed dropped me off at Jason's house. I went up and rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. I could think of only one other place. Dex was my only other friend that wasn't in school at the time. I had to walk through town on a school day during school hours on psilocybes. If a cop would spot me it could mean certain doom.

Luckily Dex was home and no cops spotted me. It was around 1:00. He said i could kick it at his house for a couple of hours, but he had to go to work. The second he left my trip increased to level three. The objects on his wallpaper would move in various directions. The fruit on the wall paper seemed real and three dimensional.

I soon dicovered the joys of the 3d viewmaster. There is a slide where whinney the pooh is in this bees nest and honey is everywhere. That slide made me feel completely warm and happy. I laid sideways on a bed and this candle stick holder was marching towards me like a robot.

I closed my eyes and the wall in front of was still there, but the whinney the pooh slide was there too. The room i was in and the bees nest was just together, that's the only way i can describe it.

Uh-oh, i had to go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and it has a red light. that made it a little bit more interesting. After i got done taking a leak i decided that it would be fun to look in the mirror for a bit. I turned my head to look at the mirror but i wasn't looking at my face, i saw the back of my head! I saw my face slowly turn toward the mirror. This was getting pretty cool. I looked deeply at my face. Then i saw horns grow out of my head, then i stuck out my tongue and it was split like a snakes. My eyes seemed to be red. I thought to myself, am i satan? But then i realized it was just the shrooms and it was probably due to the red light that put me in that mindsetting.

I sat down on a wooden chair. I looked closely at my hand then at the wood grain. I compared the wood grain to the marks on my skin. All of a sudden my had was wood. I turned into a tree. I looked at my watch and it was 2:30. I argued with myself whether i should put on some music or watch TV. It seemed like i did this for and hour. I would get a cd out and walk over to the cd player but then i would see all of the buttons! It was really confusing. I turned on the TV and the only thing on was soaps. I watched the bold and the beautiful for a while but i got bored with that.

I looked at my watch again and it was 2:35. I decided to look out of the window to see society at work. As i peered out of the window i saw people scurrying around. But as i breathed the window fogged up. There were glorious patterns in the fogged up window. I'm serious they were amazing!

As i started to come down a little bit i decided it would be a nice time for a walk around town. I left a note on dex's table that thanked him for letting me stay there and i would see him that night, and on the back i wrote this:

Life is beauty
Beauty is Seeing
Seeing is reality
Reality is ugly
Ugly is emotion
Emotion is life

Ajent Orange

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