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alot of suttle things going on

the first time i did shrooms was about 4 months ago.

the first time i did shrooms was about 4 months ago. After looking on this site for a long time and reading trip reports i decided it was a safe drug to do.

I had been out on the town drinking on the thursday night and was doing shrooms the next day, i was told that i had to be in the right mind set to get a good trip. I woke up on the friday morning with the worst hangover i had ever had but the exitment of doing shrooms for the first time stopped me thinking about it, feeling like shit all day i needed to shift my hangover as to stop thinking about when eating shrroms, i tryed every hangover cure in the book and got rid of the bulk of it.

Due to lack of sleep i was living of pro-active plus all day. Me and my mates drove up to the neighbooring town. It was about a 20 mile journey as it was the only place we knew that done reliable shrooms ( i live in England and know they are available at camden town but here real expensive for what you get, a complete scam in other words)

We brought the shrroms and had about 8 each
we set them out over a time peroid, 4 shrooms, then 2 hours later another for and a cup of mushrrom tea. We were smoking copius amounts of gear at the time too. After eating the first load of shrooms i started to realize their effects, just mild things like curved objects. It was after the second batch and the tea that i realized the full effects. I sat int eh front room of my mates house smoking a blunt just watching my friends talking. I started to look at there mouth and what they were saying did not comprehend with the moevenments of theire mouth, i looked around to find the ash tray and wen i looked back at my mates one of there faces had turned into another person but his hair and glasses still remained, i was convinced that it was a different mate of myn byt said nothing. i just sat there in awe of it all.

i had a very dry mouth form smoking the blunt so got up to get a beer. as i got into the hallway the whole house turned into a rave, wen i got into the kitchen though it was normal again, i i walked along the hallway back to the front room it was a rave house again.

Me and my mates then decided to put on some grimy drum and bass ans stick the strobe light on. I sat looking at the roof and different colours were flashing aound and the roof seemed to be spinning around.

I had to the sudden urge to get outside so had to come up with an excuse to make the rest come with me, as the house we were in was in town i convinced them to come to a chicken shop. On the way there the effects started to kick in a little more. All of the buildings on our journey seems far far too big as if they were the size of the world trade centres and the cars looked tiny. i also realized thet my legs were exceptionally long, when we got to ther chicken shop i hadnt a clue what the man was saying to me, it sounded as if he were mumbling in a foreign language, i i just said what i wanted the pretended to look at my phone which was really bright as if god were coming through the screen.

On the way back we saw a bill board of characters from seaseme street. The bill board seemed like one of those harry potter portraits as the charters just walked in and out of it (the next morning the bill board was an advert for computers)

wen whe got back to the house we lyed down in our beds and started listening to pink floyd. I saw people getting up and walking around the rrom and fiddeling with things.

it was here that i fell asleep and had the best dreams of my life, none of which i remember though

for me the best thing about mushrooms was the morning after, everything seemed so new and it was all a breath of fresh air.

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