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Disc Golf Adventures

Oh man, it’d been so long it seemed since I got to shroom!

Oh man, it’d been so long it seemed since I got to shroom!
And now, I’d get to be doing it for the first time with one of my greatest friends!

The wife was working that day when I called Mango. I asked him if he could get away for a while...he said yeah and asked why...I told him to inform his wife that we were going to play discgolf (if you’ve never done this shrooming, you’re missing out!), but that I had something even better planned, and he had to come over to find out what it was!
Wife wasn’t going to be home until 5, and I had called him early (around 11), so I figured we had plenty of time...

Well, at almost 1 in the afternoon, the punk STILL hadn’t shown up, and I was about to call him and tell him it was off, but just then he knocked on the door.
After bitching him out for a bit (all in good fun), I showed him the quarter of shrooms that I managed to obtain at the rave last weekend.
We split them up, and gobbled them down, followed by the ‘ole vitamin C tabs...

And then proceeded to the Valley Springs park do play a bit of disc golf...
Now, this particular course happens to be an incredible course, with steep hills, valleys, and all sorts of wooded shots...just to walk the course is a workout!

We have this ritual at the course...whenever we play, just before teeing off from the 4th tee, that’s when we stop for a moment and start toking off the bowls of cussa (Japanese for ‘grass’)...Well, by the time we got to the forth hole, we realized that there were several people on the hole in front of us, and there were several people back on the second hole, so we were completely surrounded....After taking a few hits, and realizing that the shrooms were starting to kick in, we decided to play out the hole we were on, and then head back to the first hole and start over behind them all...
Second time around, after reaching the fourth tee again (this is where first bench is), we started re-smoking and came up with the idea that we would take a pot-smoke break every hole that had a bench at the tee (thinking back, I believe there’s something like 10 benches or so...OUCH)...But of course, we didn’t even come close to being able to keep up that pace.
We were soon having trouble throwing straight shots, and neither one of us could putt for shit! And the worst part of it all was that we couldn’t even keep track of our scores!

It was weird but Mango and I had several long drives that ended up in almost the exact same spot...Now see, he’s right handed, and I’m left handed, so our throws are completely opposite...It's great when you get to trip with someone that you're really close with, not to mention, it makes communication a LOT easier, especially when you're having trouble making complete sentences, am I right?
One of the times our disc’s landed in the same spot, there was a piece of quartz rock sitting by the base of a tree...It was a bright glowing white in contrast to all the other rocks and dirt around it. Mango kicked it, mentioning something about how that rock is millions of years old, and here he was, just some 24 year old guy, kicking it around like it was nothing...
My mind ran off on a tangent(meow)...On how just the simplest of actions on our part, can alter things that go way beyond our short little lives...and how we must all be continually conscious of our actions, and then the wind picked up as in agreeance.

I don’t even remember what our scores were at the end, but I know he beat me...punk!

All in all, it was a great day spent out in nature! And it was cool to trip with my buddy for the first time.

No wonder mushrooms are so popular...they let you slip out of the daily ‘society’ crap in our lives, and see that there’s more going on out there than they’d like you to believe.

If you’re interested, check out the trip report of mine called ‘Tripping in the Clouds’- that’s even got pictures, and is at:

Tao of Earth

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