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Alone...The Good, The Bad, and The CrAzY(long)

This was about a month ago.

This was about a month ago. Me and my friend had went halfs on a half. On the day we were supposed to trip I wait all day and he doesnt show. not a good sign, but i decide to go for it anyways. I smoked a fat blunt, then at about 12 am, i took the entire 1/4 with a chocolate bar and big jug of OJ. about 20 mins later I puked it all up. I had thought these were the same as last time but i was wrong, much stronger. I am thrown right into the trip post puke. The first thing i noticed was the wall in front of me was getting closer. didnt freak me out.

I had planned on watching The South Park Movie, but turned on the TV like 20 mins early due to i couldnt read my clock anymore. The movie on was the Original Kings of comedy. REALLY bad movie to see while trippin. Bernie Mac looked like the devi, and the crowd laughing was just scary. This was the beginning of the bad portion of my trip. I turned off the TV and i couldnt even walk. I turned on my stereo. I chose Live Phish and sometime when i turned it on I must have hit the song repeat button. Boy did that suck. near the middle of the first song it all went down hill. I heard one bass riff that was kinda deep dark soundin and I heard that sound repeat for a long time. Then I looked at my ceiling and it started to spiral starting at the corners and make a long skinny spiral shape through the middle of my room and going the my floor. I felt like I was falling into the hole. The song kept repeating and I was still trippin bad.

after i would guess 45 mins, i broke through all the thought loops and reached for my stereo. still couldnt walk. then i was regaining composure in my trip, listening to the new beat, then trey says something like Cuando Escandoles? very random. I just started crackin up. That was the end of my bad trip. after that I was trippin HARD. my fear and loathing poster was movin all around and starting to breathe. I went to smoke a cig and lit it pretty quickly. I dropped my lighter and it fell in slo motion. when it landed on the floor it created like a bubble in the air. i could see it coming towards me and felt it when it hit me. very cool. I could see the air basically. i finally stood up and i think i saw a fly in my room or maybe just seein shit, but if flew by me and the air rippled when it past. I still couldnt read the clock, it was nighttime i thought. but when I looked out my window everything was golden. Then for a while I listened to The Doors and watched my arm in the air. i got my bearings and went outside. Nothing looked to weird outside, calm and normal...but i was still trippin. Thats about all I remember. if i could go back i would have only taken an 1/8th or waited for my friend. My next report ill write after my trip to amsterdam.

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