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alone psyche trip

before you read the whole thing, synapsis: alone trip in room, room dark, fingers attached to keyboard recording all my thoughts as i peak outta my mind.

before you read the whole thing, synapsis:
alone trip in room, room dark, fingers attached to keyboard recording all my thoughts as i peak outta my mind. my mind converted so my subconscious was in complete control, my body moving and withering, muscles so tense, head pounding from surges of emotions that i could feel flowing through my brain and body. could see the neurons connecting my brain and body. a complete transformation to my subconscious, as i race through my life and record it all on msword. once i thought i lost the document and wept for 10 min before i found it. another time i had a complete orgasmic experience. i had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, and as i urinated it was a complete body drain. thats the overall, now ill tell the story.

so i had a really wild trip last night and it'd like to share it with all you. my friend gave me 8g of shrooms, they weren't the cubies or most common shrooms. mostly all caps, brown, dried but not as rock hard as some my two previous trips. my first two trips i walked my school campus, loving the trees and buildings but the people around campus limited how much i could really allow my vision to do wonderful things. This time i ate 3.5g (of which i was advised to eat half an 8th because they grilled my friends), sat around for an hour with friends and then went for a campus walk by myself listening to Sublime. i love sublime and have always listened to 40oz to freedom for all my trips, thanks to my ipod. i went to my spot on campus but didn't have much going on. i wasn't sober, but not 'shrooming'. so i walked home, and i really didn't feel myself or relaxed - i had 2 best friends in town too, but they weren't with me for the trip. i went in my room, shut the door, and one by one fixed my room and got comfortable. i took a few water pipe hits, turned on sublime - the albumbs when brad is on heroine and is more comprehendible on shrooms - i opened msword and moved it off the screen so i could type w/out seeing it. it didn't take long until my fingers were fully integrated to the keyboard - im a great typer, and all my thoughts came through my fingers. i felt as though the little voice in the back of your head, thats making your decesions for you right before your body reacts, i had a mental transition so my subconscious completly overtook my body. i was kneeling on the floor, my head swaying with the music, my whole body dancing - with fingers on keyboard - but then it all picked up. i had floods of different emotional states, i weighed different life paths and spoke to my dad and best friends. i was attempting to document the trip, but only so often could i remember that. there was a lot of growth, looking at shrooms in my mind up the stems and onto the caps. the sloap of the caps, by this time by body was completly twitching and my mind was running ablaze. i remember feeling the every neurons controlling my body functions, and feeling that i myself could end it if i wanted to - my life that is. i had a bad time in the trip, when i allowed the drug to really speed up my heart and drive my mind into another gear, but i changed my thoughts and thus the emotional state of my body when i thought it may be getting dangerous.
anyway, my friend found me upstairs typing, i had to regain my body and test each part out. i was completly stiff and achey, i had been in my mental state for over an hour, im not sure if it was two hrs. my left calf had completly cramped and it took awhile to loosen me up. i later caught up with friends and felt quite sober.
The time schedule, ate 3.5g at 6pm, walked until 9:30, in room peaking until 11, then went to friends and was fine. and i have my 10 pages on word which im stoked about. i think it was the most intense trip i could experience, but im not sure with how well it matches with the level descriptions. it was all dark and i wasn't using my eyes anyway, but i still had distinct images in my head and there was a lot going on. i know i had visulizations, though. so i choose lv4.

have any of you put yourself in a dark room with the purpose of having a psyche trip?

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