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The fist time i tried shrooms i ate an 1/8 and smoked a bowl of skunk.

The fist time i tried shrooms i ate an 1/8 and smoked a bowl of skunk... The shrooms were blue and brownish orange with blue and white stems. I was laying in my bed about 12:00 a.m. and the tv was on. when it finally kicked in an hour later, it hit me hard. My tv was on and the faces and voices looked and sounded incredibly evil and everything started to stretch out a curve...that immediately threw me into a bad trip. I was alone and felt so detatched from the world around me... I was scared shitless to say the least. I had a psychedellic lamp on and black light posters hung up everywhere and every face i looked at on the pictures on my walls looks like they were coming out a little and they were evil distorted faces. i heard voices (sounded like 5 people talking at once) saying bad things about me and then i closed my eyes and saw a yellow brick wall with a window. Behind the window, I saw the face of Jesus and blood started dripping from his face. I could hear angels in a spaced out heaven and they were plotting against the evils of the world...Then I saw all these patterns of purple demon faces spiraling around in blackness. This was one bad fucked up scary trip. I felt so alone and hopeless, like I was absolutely nothing but an insignificant being in this vast universe. minutes felt like hours and I thought it would never end. what I thought was 2 hours was only 15 minutes when I looked at the digital clock beside my bed. I stood up and looked at the floor and it looked as if I were staring into a coleidascope. After a couple hours when I started accepting my feelings and calming down I played my guitar and felt like a Music God... I knew every note before I even got to it and it seemed like i knew why Jimi Hendrix was so amazing... He was always trippin! I've never felt that creative before and I blew myself away with what I was doing. Then I went on the back deck and sparked up another bowl and increased my trip a little... i stayed up that whole night and went to school all fucked in the head from that mind blowing first shroom trip. It was completely insane and spiritual...I suggest that trippin alone is very frightening and you should be with a friend unless you are experienced...

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