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Alice in Wonderland?

I am going to tell you my stroy of tripping on mushrooms.

I am going to tell you my stroy of tripping on mushrooms. It was Friday night and my friend and i were in Austin at my boyfriends house where I had taken about 4 rips out of a 3 foot bong so i was already pretty fucked up to begin with. I wasn't sure about taking the mushrooms because it was already 1:00 so i just decided to take a little bit more then 1 gram thinking that i wouldnt have a bad trip because i barely took any. Levi said it would take about 45 minutes to kick in so i wasnt worried. The taste was horrible..i couldnt stand the way they tasted. After about 5 minutes of taking the last stem i started to feel really good...the best i had ever felt in my whole life. My friends thought it wasnt anything tho because the shrooms werent supposed to kick in just yet. So i got up and started walking around and i walked into the restroom and everything turned yellow and i kept saying...wowww everythingis sooo yellow and pretty. After I had noticed i had already began my trip i just started laughing really hard and fell on the floor. I remember after that i took one more bong rip and then began my trip into a timeless universe. The next thing i know is i'm in the bed with the red sheets on me and my friend spills milk onto the floor and a little onto the bed. I start to feel the wetness of the bed and its amazing and i cant stop touching the milk that had spilled because it felt so cool. I was just sitting there like wow the milk feels sooo neat they were laughing at me. I lost track of reality again and woke up feeling the walls. THe walls felt amazing and i couldnt help but just feel them. I looked up at the ceiling and i saw purple and yellow pearls that made up the ceiling....then after a while the ceiling turned to purple and the walls were yellow. By this time i am freaking out and i have lost total control. They turn on Alice in Wonderland and the last part i remember watching was her falling. After that i realized how amazing the sheets felt and i couldnt stop touching them and rolling around on the bed with them. I was rolling and laughing and feeling the sheets for what felt like hours. Let me remind you that the trip started at 2:00 and all of this happend in a matter of....8 minutes. Yes it was only 2:08 at this point and the trip lasts for over 4 hours. I couldnt stop laughing and i thought i was going to be trapped in this world forever. My friends were busy watchin alice in wonderland but for some reason my brain could not let me concentrate on anything. I was in my own world. When i would close my eyes i would see waves of energy...blue dots swirling around and around..sometimes red and sometimes yellow. Till about 3:00 i just did the same trip where i was busy rolling around feeling the sheets and the walls. By this time i realized that i really had to go pee. So i made my boyfriend help me walk to where the restroom was where i gained a little bit more concousness of what i was doing. After i went pee the mirror caught my eye and i got lost in it. I saw myself as a different person. my hands were up against the mirror and my face was up against it and i was looking at my eyes. They were ghost white and my pupils were covering my whole eye. I got lost in the mirror until he came back and got me. On my way back to the bed i started dancing because my whole body was completly numb and i wasnt sure how i was moving the parts of my body. I saw the bed and ran and consumed myself in the sheets again. The bed felt endless. It was so big and my boyfriend was laying on it with me and i just started cracking up. AFter that we all noticed that the blinds were moving in and out in waves and it was fucking insane. THere was a poster of Alice in wonderland all tripped out so we went to go look at it. The poster looked completely different on shrooms. THere were these yellow eyes in the poster that werent there when u weren't on shrooms. I saw a demon in the trees and i go "omg" and my boyfriend goes yeah i know i saw it too and we both ran for the bed. I asked him what he had seen and he told me he saw a demon in the trees and i freaked out. I lost control again of reality and time itself. I kept saying therse no such thing as time, and there wasnt. I didnt understand how there could be such a thing as this feeling in the world. how ur body could just lose control of itself. And i kept saying i was legally insane, which you are when you were as fucked up as i was. At about 3:05...yes it had been 5 minutes since all that happend, i noticed that my head hurt...then my nose hurt and then i would itch...but i couldnt feel my body so when i scratched it was like i couldnt get the itch out. I kept asking them if i had hidt my head or my nose because it hurt and they said i didnt. I would keep repeating...my head hurts...did i hit it...my nose hurts is it bleeding...im itching....i did this for about 15 minutes just back and forth. I was so confused on everything...and after i stopped asking if i had hit my head..my boyfirneds face started warping. He looked so different and i could barely recognize him. I asked him if we were in love and i kept calling out his name. I kept thinking that him and my friend werent tripping and this whole time they hadnt been tripping..they were just going along with my trip so iw ouldnt freak out. I kept asking them if they were tripping as bad as me and my friend said she wasnt at all. They kept saying that they were already coming down from there trip but i was still lost in mine. THey turned off Alice in wonderland and put on south park but i still wasnt able to concentrate on that either. I had to go to the restroom again and no one was sure if i had ever gone to the restroom in the first place so i got really confused. So I went to the restroom again and i came back and we were talking but right after i would say something or someone would say somethin i would be confused and i wouldnt know if it really happend. If they had really said that or if i had really said that. That went on for a while too...or at least i thought it did but there is no such thing as time. They kept saying they were coming down from there trip but i was sitll lost in mine. When i finally started coming down there was nothing on the TV just blue screen and i zoned out and i just kept seeing lines of energy everywhere. OH by the way my whole trip was in the dark too. That was about the end of my trip tho...i passed out at about 530 and woke up at 830 with a horrible stomach ache and i felt like shit. It was the weirdest experience of my life...but it was so amazing.

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