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Alice in Wonderland's Trip

Hey im Alice, and here's the story.

Hey im Alice, and here's the story..

Damn...my first trip..i was so excited, i had boughten a quad and slipt it with my friend, We said that we were going to shroom togther at the Valentines party at this kids house, We both ate an 8th each, i chewed my share up reall well, and left them sit im my gums for a while. then about 30 to 45 minutes later it felt like someone was tickling my stomach, and i started jumping on this kids trampoline, i almost forgot that i was on shrooms until i saw sumthing, i saw 2 denmensional fish heads all over the net to the trampoline. it was crazy, i told my friends what i was seeing but they all just laughed...it was insane, i looked up at the sky and saw faces everywhere in the clouds, and i looked at the trees and they were like dragon heads, smileing down on me, it was a trip, everything was spinning around, so many patterns. the party was getting a little out of control and scary, so i went into a room with my boyfriend. He was drunk of his ass and it was scaring me a lot, all of a sudden the nice smileing faces were gone and the patterns turned into skeletons and devils, i was freaking out, i looked at my boyfriends face, and it looked like he was a wrinkley old man. i was disgusted. then our friend alex came in the room, he started playing some pink floyd on his guitar, but it sounded like mexican music. it sounded really cool. and my patterns that i was seeing started turning into bright green and purple colors, i layed on the bed and i started to sink into it, my whole body felt like i was a puddle of water, getting absorbed by the bed, and everything i felt was so warm and fuzzy, then alex left the room, i was hungry so this guy brought me a jar of viatimin C gummy bears, i ate the whole jar..(haha, hey i was hungry and the tasted good) not knowing that vitamin C increases your high like 4 times more, then i went back into the room with my boyfriend,he turned off the lights and i started seeing skeletons, and sharp teeth opening and closing, i heard a lot of whispers, i couldn't understand. I layed on top of my boyfriend, i sunk into his body and i felt like his siamese twin, we were attached by our stomachs, it was crazy. i tried telling him but he was too drunk, then i looked on the ground, and what were really sweatshirts, turned into dead chopped up bodies, i was haveing a really bad trip. they were 3 denmisonal now, and blood was going down the sides of the corners of the walls, it was crazy. My trip lasted for about nine hours. and now i still can see patterns at night some times before i go to bed, i think i fucked up my brian, im scared to do it agian..but who knows with my addict personality. that's my story, my be confusing to understand, but the expirence was confusing to explain afterall. haha..

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