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This event took place two days ago at my friends place.

This event took place two days ago at my friends place. We didnt really have any concrete plans for the evening but it started out nice at my friends girlfriends place where we ate a nice dinner and drank some wine. We felt a bit tired after a long day and took some phenylpropanolamine to get rid of the tiredness. Some people were comming over to her place so we decided to move on to my friends place. His roommate arrived but he was not in for a party and soon took off. We had about 12 grams of mexican cubensis and some really potent hash. Our initial plans was to go out and and meet some friends on a disco but none of us really felt like it. We drank some more wine and smoked a spliff and a few hits from a bong. As we decieded to stay there i persuaded my friend to take some shrooms, i took two large stems(about 2 grams) and grinded them up. My friend took some of it and rolled up in the joint he was making. We smooked this and to our great surprise we immediately felt some effects, some visuals with closed eyes and some buzzy feelings in arms and legs. My friend felt like he had clumbs in his throat, witch he also had the last time we did shrooms and decided not to eat any. About 10.30 pm i ingestet the rest of it- little less than 2 grams. I felt pretty intoxicated by the alcohol and cannabis but was in a really trippy mode. 30 minutes after the ingestion things started to come on fast. The room was suddenly lit in a shimmery red light and i had pretty strong close eye visuals, i the got up and danced with my arms, to every finger there was a thread connected and as i waved my hands i could make the whole room dance with me, it felt very cool and i giggled my way down in the sofa where i was teleported away to a strange place. A sort of shamanic guy sat before me and played on big shrooms, he used them as bongodrums and i could feel the rythm in my body, the place felt a bit frightening, everything was very warm and humid a strange blue light shined in the little forrest room. I began to sweat and the shamans eyes had a scary hopnotic look- like in cartoons with coloured rings around the pupils. It all went away when i opened my eyes.

I dont remember much of the following two hours just some strange thougts and events while watching TV. My friend was supposed to meet some people the next day and had to wash some clothes. We went to the washing room, a little house with about 10 washing machines just outside his apartment. For every door i opened on the way it felt like entering a compltetly new part of the universe and a strong energy wave hit me every time. When we got there things started to turn bad, the light was way to bright and i started to feel sick, the big roaring machines started to scar me to and i told my friend to hurry up. It was at first a blessing to come back to his apartment and when i laid down in the sofa my shamanic friend arrived as soon as i closed my eyes, this time a lot stronger than the first and the exorcism he was performing on me felt very intense i almost panicked. I was now feeling pretty unconfortable and the best thing i could do was to watch TV to distract my thoughts from the different not so nice places i was forced to visit every time i closed my eyes. Time started to disappear and i started to feel sick again and was so afraid to close my eyes i hardly even blinked. After a while my friend told me it was time to pick up the laundry, i followed him and hoped things would feel better- they didnt. When we entered the washing room it felt like i´d just been out the door and had turned back again, and when i closed my eyes i could see time as a thread with a loop on it, the loop was the lost time and only the time in the washing room existed, i looked into the spinning hearts of the machines and it looked like swirling galaxies trapped in boxes of universe. The sickness soon reminded me and when we got home i laid down on a couch in my friends bedroom. I really felt sick now and wanted the trip to stop. I became filled with agony and just wanted to get out of the bad time loop i now was trapped in. Time had totally stopped and reality was totally based on the memories i recalled, i didnt know the difference between now, the past or the future, i saw the thread of linear time
floating by to witch i had lost all connection, i just wanted to get back again but nothing seemed to work. My thoughts was my body, when i was thinking about something nice the bad feeling disappeared but bad thoughts made me feel more nauseus, it became a bad helix of bad thoughts generating bad body feelings and the growing sickness generetaed even more agonising thoughts. I began to feel really bad and knew i soon had to through up- or blow up- when i saw the way back to reality- a glowing dot on a infinite field of dots, each dot representing a choice of thought. I flew down and touched the glowing dot, it started to grow like a bacteriaculture- dubbeling its size every time it grew. A buzzing sound became stronger the bigger it became, i knew i was beeing swallowed by reality. I tried to hold on but it became to much and i panicked. I opened my eyes and ran into the dark bathroom, opened the toilet and got on my knees to puke. I could´nt feel my body and saw no meaning in throwing up, i felt like a plastic bag of filled with air. Instead i started to cry and the agony flowed down from my face into the toilet witch looked like a infinite spiral of morphing fractals. I cried a long time and it felt so good, think i even smiled. Slowly my body came back and i could go and lay down again, i felt very happy and wanted to call my girlfriend and my parents and tell them that i was back. I didnt. The nightmare ended at 6 am and i could finaly get some sleep. The following day i felt like a newborn baby, everything looked beutiful and was meaningful. When i woke up on the bathroom floor i thought to myself that this was the last time i did shrooms but now when i´ve thougth about it i know they have a lot to teach us if we just treat them right and are prepared. Mixing with alcohol and cannabis is not a good way to treat them.

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