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1st: I was on my computer using Notepad so that I could observe my thoughts and feelings during the trip.

1st: I was on my computer using Notepad so that I could observe my thoughts and feelings during the trip. I have provided a copy of the text* from the file containing the report. But, as you may see, I totally lost track of time and couldn't think.

********************HERE IS THE TEXT************************
"at 12:00 p.m. I made 7 cups of boiled shrooms with Kool-Aid sugar-free mixture, and put it in the freezer to cool. I left the shrooms in it to make it "Richer". There were 42 shrooms in the 7 cups, freshly picked. I drank my shroom mixture in a glass that holds 3 1/2 cups of liquid.
it's 12:20 and i'm feeling that everything is funy and the colors on this wall are vibrant and i'm laughing.
it's 12:37 and i think i am trippin where this damn[oz
i t's 12: 47 and ever
it's 12: 59
it's 2:18 and mom is going to ber home and everything keeps movi"

************END OF TEXT*************************************

So here's how it goes.
at around 12:18 i could feel "stoned". My sister started to talk to me and asked me to make her some eggs. I agreed, and then she came back in the kitchen to ask me if the eggs were finished. I realized that i had just made an omlet and asked "You wanted an omlet, right?". She said, "No...I wanted scrambled eggs.". Then i went to my room to report, and i looked at this psychidelic tapestry, and i could see the "low" and "hi" colors split. Then i think i left my room and went to the living room, and there was "smoke" just coming from the carpet. It looked as if it was filling the room, and i started to auto-think that something was on fire. I had to make sure that the house wasn't on fire, so i asked my sister. She said that it wasn't on fire and she was sure.
then i walked back into the kitchen with brick lenolium floors,wood cabinets, and a skylight. when i started to stare at the kitchen all i could see was everything just "spinning". Everywhere I looked I saw spinning shit, I couldn't be in the kitchen anymore with confused thoughts. Then my sister told me that I agreed to wash dishes for her, which seemed wrong, but i was unsure. In the sink of dishes was bright colored transparent plastic bowls and a black pot(from earlier). When i started to attempt to wash dishes, the soap suds in the water started to spin, the water started to spin, and the colors of the dishes would split. So there I was, washing dishes, and I looked in the rinsing sink to attempt to rinse the dishes. Well, with all of those colors in one sink with soap and water all i could "see" was tons of "spinning colors". I couldnt do them and every time that i tried to look at the dishes, shit would spin. I went to the living room and all i could think about was my mother coming home from work. I started to attempt to "clean-house", which I had done before the trip just for this reason, and everything looked fine. And it was like what meth users would say as "tweaking", I just couldn't stop looking for things to do so that mom wouldn't talk to me when she came home. Then i sat down to watch television, and my sister kept fucking with me, telling me what i said. Which totally fucking confused me. Then i see the television box and the television produced picture just "split". After a while, my sister was talking to me, and I wasn't able to tell what she was saying. She sounded like she was an astronaut communticating with me, like the way it sounded when Neil Armstrong said "That's one small step for man, and one leap for mankind.". Then, all i could think about was shrooms. I felt like i was in my own world, which was very distorted, and i wasn't in control. The "hi" colors were LOUD LOUD LOUD, and the "low" colors were pretty mellow. I went outside to piss. I looked at the grass while i was pissing, and the grass started to "spin". I came back inside to sit down and that same damn smoke was in my living room, and the coffee table seemed to be like, right next to me. I could feel colors in my soul, and see sounds in my head. My friend called and started talking to me, all i could say was "I'm trippin' dude, Oh SHIT". Then i just layed the phone on myself and say there. I came back to my room and layed on my bed for a moment to avoid my sister, and my ceiling looked like an ocean ripple. Then, I went outside and walked toward the garage, which was easy. But, when i turned around to look at our bright blue sky, and the bright green forestry, with the bright green grass, and the white van next to our bright brick house, I couldnt open my eye's withought the entire scenery spinning. I finally was coming down and got my thoughts together before i went to my friend's house with my shroom Kool-aid. I gave the rest to one of his neighbors. he drank a small glass and started to see shit spinning.

**************MY COLLECTED THOUGHTS*************************

I was confused because my sister kept "telling me what to do" and i felt like i couldn't change it so i just did it.

I believe that mushrooms make you trip the way you want them to.

BUT, the key to everything in life is thoughts and intensions, once you've figured out what you're going to do, It's all CLEAR.

Submitted by: tinyT

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