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It was me and my two best friends.

It was me and my two best friends. We had been trying to get mushrooms all night. We werent having any luck then finally we got the call. So we went and picked up an ounce of mushrooms. We were planning to trip all week because my parents had left for ten days. Our friend who supplied them told us to take about a gram. So when we got back to my place we all weighed out or doses and each took a gram.
I have done mushrooms before and each time 20 minutes had been my average time until I started tripping. Well after about an hour none of us felt a thing. So we decided maybey a gram wasnt enough and we all ate another gram. Another hour went by and still nothing. At this point we were getting pissed that we had been ripped off. But then suddenly we all started to get body highs. We Waited another 1 or so and none of us had got a single visual. So then we decided to eat more. After about 5 hours of nothing and 4.5 grams apeice later, I started to trip.

Neither of my friends felt anything yet and I told them to just wait because I was started to trip good. I had all the what I would call normal visuals from mushrooms. Tracers, Things moving, A few colors. Then one of my friends started to trip also. But Our other friend still felt nothing. So me and my tripping friend decided to go explore the house. My visuals were getting more and more intense. We were laughing uncontrolably at everthing in the house. Then things started getting really weird. I was starting to get scared. Things were moving way to fast and I was getting dizzy. I couldnt make sence out of what I was looking at. Then our friend who hadnt started tripping came upstairs to see what we were doing. At this point I told him maybey it was better he wasnt tripping because I wanted a sober person there. I was then getting really scared and thought I might be able to sleep this off. That was a mistake.

I layed in my bed unaware of what my friends were doing. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. But I now realize if you close your eyes while your tripping your mind will just make things up anyways. I got up and looked in the mirror. At this point I was so fucked up and couldnt figure out wich side of the mirror I was on. I was having trouble remembering to breath. I was getting really scared and couldnt find my way back to reality. I went back to bed allthough I couldnt sleep. Then I started hearing things as well. I was so fucked up I thought I was dying. Then at one point I thought I had actually died. In my mind I had died and arose into space. Then I could sence people there with me. It wasnt my friends and this scared me. I had no Idea where they had went and was worried they would do something stupid. Then my mind drifted away again and I was back in this unknown place. These beings I senced were now hovering over me and speaking a weird alein like language. I thought I had been abducted. Then out of no where I heard someone in my bathroom trying to vomit. It was one of my friends and this brought me back to reality. Then they both came and in my room and told me they were freaking out. I told them I was also. They all thought they had died also. One of my friends told me of how his entire life had flashed before his eyes. And the other told me about how when he looked up in the sky all the stars had came together to form a line. At this point we were all still tripping just not freaking out. We were all scared that we were insane because we couldnt hardly talk to eath other and make any sence. We layed in my room scared and all wanting the trip to end. Then after about 5 hours we were scared that we werent ever going to come down. The trip lasted for nearly 11 hours.
The next day I found this page. I wish I had read these articles before hand. I had never experienced anything like this before on mushrooms and I realize that is why I was scared. I didnt expect it. I think I may have cause a chain reaction of bad trips as well. Because they realized I was freaking out and put them all in bad mindsets. I have experimented with mushrooms prior to this and took the advice on how to avoid bad trips. I now realize this could have been the best trip ever If I had found this web page first.

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