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One time me & my boy, we'll call him "Jim", were sposed to meet this dude at K-mart (my work at the time) to get an eigth (3.

One time me & my boy, we'll call him "Jim", were sposed to meet this dude at K-mart (my work at the time) to get an eigth (3.5 grams) of some shroomz. We met him there, got the shrooms (which turned out to be one bigg shroom), & ended up buying a gram of some white widow. He said he could get fry, too, so we told him to try & get it.

We waited at Kmart for about an hour & he called back & said he couldnt get it. We sat in the parking lot & smoked a bowl & split the shroom up. We decided to wait to get where we were going before dropping.

We drove to my friends house & smoked another bowl then we each dropped our half of the shroom then smoked another bowl. It was gettin late, so we decided to go our seperate wayz & meet online & bullshit.

I drove the rest of the way home & the shroom started takin effect. I sat down at my keyboard only to find it moving in waves. I was unable to type, so I decided to go & chill in my room & trip.

It was about midnight, so it was pretty dark. I turned my light off, cuz the light outside gave me enuf light to see my whole room with ease. all of a sudden, everything went pitch black & I couldnt see shit!!! My first thought was " oh shit, I've gone blind!!" then I looked over at my window & it was glowing green!! Like an alarm clock green. I started freakin & jus laid there lookin around my room, which I still couldnt see. Then I looked back at the window only to find it moving like liquid. It kept changing form, & for some reason I started panicking, so I decided to go to sleep.

Then all of a sudden, I hear tap, tap, tap at the window. I was too scared to go see what it was. I thought I would see some fuckin wierd ass creature or somethin. So, anywayz, I closed my eyes & tried to go to sleep. All I could see in my mind was a giant mushroom cloud blowin up over & over & over. It was the worst trip of my life!!

And it wasnt jus me. The next day my boy told me he had a really badd trip, too. I've never had a mushroom trip that intense, so I think that eigther the budd or the shroom was laced with somethin. From now on, I check everything I buy before I do it!!

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