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detailed level 2...

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I've done mushrooms a few times before. I would say that this particular time would be about my 20th time. Anyways, I'm not sure what type of mushrooms they were, or how much I ate. I know they were some p.cubensis, and I ate about 1 gram. Usually this is a level 1, but I get stoned easily.

So, they day starts out like this: my friend and I have been saving about 2.5 grams of shrooms for some time now. We decide to do them since we think they might go bad or something. I go over to his house, and then we plan our night:

-Call a few friend's, see if anything's going on.
-Find out about a small "get-together", we get "invited".
-Prepare to leave. We buy munchies and some juice at the store, to wash the mushrooms down with.
-Whoops, we forgot money. We aren't going back, so we ask for a cup of water.
-On the way to the house (who is owned by my friend's friend. I don't really know anyone there except one person.) we eat the mushrooms, washing them down with only water. Nasty!

Okay, now we get there. We sit down inside, watch some t.v, listen to music. Half hour later, I suddenly realize that I am high.

Isn't it funny how you "all of a sudden" realize that your stoned? I find that I will just be sitting there, and then all of a sudden, I'll do something that will make me realize that I'm stoned.

So I ask my friend if he's feeling anything; not yet. Half-hour later, we're really baked, laughing at everything, and I can't keep my mouth shut. We just watched tv and listened to music that night. I became "instant" friends with those I didn't know, but I think they thought I was crazy or something, since I acted like I knew them really good.

Anyways, I had to go home, so I go to the bus stop in the middle of winter, and take the bus home. It was very weird. I was thinking about stuff, and smiling to myself. People were looking at me in a funny way.

So I get back home, and eat something. Watched some tv, and went to bed once I felt that "body high" that you get with a level 1. So that is what happened.

Now I want to tell you what I felt and when:

-30 min after ingesting shrooms: Suddenly notice I'm baked, and I feel good. This time, I had no upset stomach or gas. Sometimes I get cramps or feel like I might puke, but not usually. Moving my head around or shaking my arms/legs feels weird. I start thinking more about weird stuff.

-30 min. to 1 hour: Up, up, and away! Music is awesome to listen to at this point. I can "feel" it, and it feels good. It makes me smile. Television, and just about everything else is funny. If it isn't funny, then I stare at it and thin of something funny and then it's funny.

1-2 hours: Basically, I am high. Not too high, not too un-high. Just the way I like it. I like to see some visuals (like the carpet/walls breathing) but I don't want the trip to be out of control. Emotions are crazy. I say things, then I think about what I just said and what the other person is thinking. Sometimes I feel good, thinking "cool, I just said a nice thing, that person must feel good now." Other times, I think "shit, what have I said? I made that person feel like crap!" If I wasn't stoned, these thoughts would not be going through my mind.

-2-4 hours: The high kind of wears off. I can keep my laugher and talking pretty much under control now. I still feel good, and funny thoughts are constantly entering my mind. I cannot feel the cold outside, yet I know that I'm cold.

-4-6 hours: "Mind" buzz is gone pretty much. I feel the body buzz now, it's good. It's time for me to cool down by eating a snack, going home, and watching tv in my bed. I'll wake up tomorrow feeling fine, no hangovr or anything.

Well, that was my trip.

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