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A trip to hell but a brilliant one.

Let me begin by giving some information that may be useful.

Let me begin by giving some information that may be useful.

i am a 21 year old male, i am about 5'9 and weigh too much (about 12.5 stone)

dosage: 20 grams colombian

myself and my best pal decided one day to take a day off university, buy some mushrooms and go and watch a 3d film. this was a decision i shall never forget or regret.
both of us had tried mushrooms a few times before so were not too worried about having any evil effects.

we munched down our fresh mushrooms in pizza hut after sliding them under our pizza topping! i was hallucinating after about 20 mins and the carpet was moving about. excellent start.

after laughing at cd covers in hmv and laughing insanely at a woman who appeared to be smoknig a pencil we made our way to the complex to get our tickets. purchasing the tickets was an issue as the automated voice thing directing customers to cashiers sent us into uncontrolable laughter.

with tickets in hand, we tentatively entered the imax auditorium which is huge and got us slightly troubled. the film was called the haunted mansion and rated a pg. fine for all those not on mind bending drugs. what we thought would be a cute tale of ghosts and monsters turned out to be a 3d journey for this guy through hell. at first, it was quite a terrifying experience and i had to keep taking my 3d glasses off. my mate did actually scream once and also asked one of the cinema attendants if he was in the film. once we were fully up and realised we weren't in hell or in danger of any kind it became the most amazing experience both of us have had. it was like being in hell but it was ok coz everything was hilarious.

after the film, we couldnt stop ourselves telling random strangers that we'd just been to hell and that it was greta and nothing to be afriad of!

we then went on to a pub, which is in fact the oldest building in manchetser. it was hilarious. the din of the background pub conversation sounded like some mad alien language and neither of us could pick out a hint of english in any conversation. my friend then pointed out that our pints tasted of vinegar so we spent the rest of the night ordering vinegar from a bewildered barman. the dimensions of the old pub were constantly moving about it was amazing.

after a few more pints of vinegar,we decided to watch another 3d film about exploring the wreck of the titanic. this was disappointing compared to our hell journey but the 3d waves on the surface of the ocean were incredible. except for my mate who had a 15 minute bout of terror and had to leave the auditorium. he returned though and managed the rest of the film.

we celebrated our amazing journey with a huge chinese and reflected on our adventure in the safety of our house. the whole experience was amazing. we both laughed so much and never felt any experience of paranoia or fear. it was one of the best days of my life in fact, thats how much fun we had. thinking back, perhaps we were a litte foolish to eat our mushies in a restaurant and then go to a public cinema in our state watching 3d films. however, everyone just assumed we were drunk and that of course is deemed socially acceptable.

i highly recommend a day out on mushies to those who have tried them before and know their limits. i hope anyone who reads this has a similar day to mine one day and can then share their amzing journeys with us!

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