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A Texan's experience-very strong

It was a work-day that I and a friend didn't feel like working.

It was a work-day that I and a friend didn't feel like working. We were driving by some pastures and I told my friend that I knew how to find mushrooms. He hardly believed me, so we stopped and walked thru one of them. I found about 15 mushrooms growing out of cow-shit that I believe were psilocybe cubensis( from all the pictures that I've seen). We each ate half. Then, we realized that we hadn't eaten any lunch ( it was mid-day) so, we decided to drive thru Mcdonald's and get a hamburger. By the time we got thru the drive-thru ( about 15-20 minutes) we were coming on to the mushrooms. Neither of us could eat. We decided to pull into a parking lot and try to get acclimated to the trip before driving any further. I remember seeing a crow flying down to the ground and I realized I was tripping so hard that I couldn't tell how many crows had landed on the ground. My friend convinced me that he could drive, so he drove us to a park. There was a little pond there, and when we got out and walked to the water's edge, there were these lightening bolts, 4 of them, crossing over the pond and meeting in the middle. I heard a plane in the sky and looked up, but every image I was seeing had multiplied, so that I couldn't tell how many planes were in the sky. At this point, I remember my friend asking me if we needed to call ourselves an ambulance, but I assurred him, from past experience with hallucinogens, that after a few hours we would come down. Then, it started raining and I was losing my body and everything else in the diagonal/ vertical patterns of the rain. He got me into the truck and we drove around, supposedly, heading for our next appt. I remember stopping at traffic- lights and everything being intensely audio. Audio hallucinations real strong. things clanging and banging. I had a strong urge, because of my thirst, to jump out of the truck, and get a drink of water from the ditches. I knew that this was just the trip tho' and was able to constrain myself. My body kept having strange twitches and jerks. When we got to our next appt. ( about 3 hrs. into it, the lady we were talking to had kids running around. I thought that there were so many kids that I commented to her, " How many kids do you have? " to which she replied, " Oh, only these two." Then I decided that I would go sit in the truck. After 6 hours tripping, I was able to drive home. I remember feeling incredibly large, like Alice In Wonderland. I'll never do mushrooms again. I have no desire to return to this experience.

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