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A Terrifying Experience

It happened just a few days ago.

It happened just a few days ago. It was just me and my best friend since we were toddlers. We were bored and feeling a bit down and idle. He'd tripped before, but I never had. We had smoked about 30 cigarettes between the two of us and we were simply restless. He called up a guy in the neighborhood that he had done business with before. I had always wanted to do mushrooms, but I must admit, i was kind of scared. We snuck out of the front door and walked to this guys house. When we got there, we watched him measure it out - 7 grams even. Not a huge amount. My friend said he had taken 7 grams of field grown mushrooms by himself. There was about 6 mushrooms in total, and the were the longest, most evil and twisted looking plants i had ever seen. We ate them straight, it was disgusting. It took a while to start feeling strange. Probably around 50 minutes. We were up in his bedroom, he was playing oldschool mario and i was drawing pictures on his wall. I remember how the environment suddenly seemed more colorful and patterns of boxes stretched across everything imaginable. I felt great, relaxed, etc. It went on like this for a while. My friend seemed to not be tripping at all, and this made me feel very uncomfortable, like i had dived into an unknown world alone. I turn anxious, scared and i begin to babble incoherently over the course of a few hours. He's trying to calm me down and such, but nothing works. I began to phase in and out of "now" - it was a terrifying feeling. I was scratching walls and biting my fingers and lips and i kept asking my friend if he was leaving. I began to really freak him out, and it wasnt helping that he was also tripping mildly. He thrashed out at me and told me he'd had enough and to stay away from him. I was so scared and nervous. I was in his room alone in the dark for what seemed like an eternity. I begin to hallucinate. I felt the brushy feeling of laying in grass without a shirt on, but i was up in his room alone in a bed. The mood of the colors phased from greens and blues to deep reds and pitch blacks. i'm seeing shadows flicker from side to side and i'm phasing in and out of conciousness. I get up, and i feel an INTENSE urge for water. I felt like i was drowning in thirst, and i was going to choke if i didnt wet my tounge. As I walk down the stairs my vision fades from images of clocks and hands on the clock going the wrong directions. I walk into the kitchen and into the bathroom by the garage door. I close the door and locked it, and turned on the lights. I admired the cleanliness of the bathroom, and i turned to the mirror. To my surprise, my face wasn't melting o getting old or any of those other cliche trip hallucinations. My pupils were dilated beyond belief. I turned around to take a piss. I undid my belt and i closed my eyes for just a half a second, and when i opened them, there was vomit everywhere. It was covering the walls and the toilet, etc. But I didn't do it. I know i didn't. I was intensly scared at this moment. I felt i had lost control of my own mind, and i was a prisoner of time. I turned out the lights and sat in a fetal position. I look at the digital clock and notice that not even a minute had passed. I get up and lay on the couch next to my friend. He jumps up and yells at me, telling me to "MOVE THE FUCK OVER DONT COME NEAR ME! DONT COME NEAR ME!!!!" So i go across the room and lay down. I close my eyes for what seems like hours, and when i open them, his mother is interrogating him in the dark. Her face is distorted and vague, and she sticks some contraption in his ear. She looks at me and begins to talk to me, but i couldnt comprehend what she was saying. I thought i was hallucinating. I cover my face with a blanket and run upstairs to his room, planting my face in the sheets trying to find my own mind and find where i am and what time is etc. I seemed like i was asleep forever, and when i opened my eyes, it was 5:32 AM. I go downstairs to try to revive my friend, and i'm still seeing faint patterns and hearing creepy noises. To my surprise, i find him curled up on the couch, bare ass naked in a pool of sweat babbling jibberrish to himself. I get him up and take him upstairs, but before i head up the stairs with him, i go into the kitchen to get some water for him. I glanced at the table and to my horror, i saw the tool that i saw his mother stick in his ear in my illeged hallucination. I freak out in my head, and i run to the bathroom to see if the vomit hallucination was also real. I walk inside and to my surprise, there was infact vomit caking the bathroom walls. I take him and run upstairs. I have to sit and convince him that im not evil and im not his enemy for 45 minutes. finally we get our heads together and come up with the idea that "we had too many cigarettes" as an alliby to his mother. Despite all that had happened, she bought the story and we made it out ok. It was indeed a bad trip, and probably ruined the fun of mushrooms for me forever. But i will say that it was an experience i'll never forget.

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