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A River Runs Through It

Eleven o'clock seemed like a good enough time to do mushrooms.

Eleven o'clock seemed like a good enough time to do mushrooms. Me and my Italian friends began drinking the tea with 3 grams each in each cup, once we had downed that we decided to chew the other 2 grams. 5 grams each and we were set for our adventure, but first we went ot smoke a few joints just for the hell of it.
On our bikes we went up the long hill to the local Mac's store where we would meet our friendsfrom up the road. A long bike during any other time but for some reason it didnt seem to be as long. We were there in no time.
Into the back of our friends truck went the bikes and off we went. The mushrooms were running strong now and things were beginning to happen. "Rabbit" i said as a little white creature jumped out in front of the truck. "What the fuck are you talking about", said the two people with me who weren't yet on any drug, "never mind" i said, "just keep driving." To a strange park we drove, a place i couldnt recall ever being (though i had lived in this town for 11 years), but whatver.
We soon met 4 other friends of ours who just so happened to have an ounce of marijuana (which we later found out was laced with DMT) and we began to smoke.
There was a birdhouse on the fence beside us, "what the fuck do birds need houses for" i asked myself, then suddenly, as though they were seeking revenge for the aweful insult i had just layed upon them, many birds cam flying out of the house. "Holy Shit, there after me!" Then justr as soon as they had come they had gone. "Close call, better not mess with the birds anymore" i thought.
While this had been going on my friend had been freaking out nearby. He had not had a pleasant ride in the back of the truck and was screaming something about "demons under the blanket." I figured hed calm himself down soons enough.
The DMT in the weed was beginning to take its effect on all of us (especially on me and my two friends who already had 5 grams of shrooms to deal with). We were all starting to hear things and we decided it would be a good idea to ditch the trucks and go for a walk through the dark woods.
We made it no further than 100 meters into the wood before we came to a bridge with a small river flowing under it. None of us really knew what to do but then all at once it seemed we all figured out we were on a ship and we were moving at an incredible pace, flying through the water. Then SPLASH, what had happened? Terrifying, I knew something had fallen into the river but what? Maby the birds were back? Maby they were picking us up one by one and dropping us into the river? Whatever it was it scared me so i dropped to me stomach and hid and began screaming "THE BIRDS ARE BACK, THE BIRDS ARE BACK." This time it seemed the other saw them too because they imediately dropped to their stomachs. We all lied there completely silent for about 5 minutes until we figured it was safe to get up.
We ventured down the bridge and back up, noone seemed to know what the hell was goin on, just mass confusion. We were all walking around aimlessly talking to whoever came along (possibly someone imaginary), having a good time when suddenly someone said something about cops.
As you all probably know, when your tripping through the woods on mushrooms, weed and DMT with about a half ounce of weed and a few grams of shrooms, COPS is the last word you want to hear. Mass confusion again, running from the voices (that we were all hearing by now), but where were we running to? Nobody knew, all we knew is that there were voices and they could possibly be cops.
The running stopped, amazing flashes of light were now appearing evrywhere around me, trees were moving and seemed to be grabbing for me. I managed to find 4 other people, but it seemed that the others had somehow made it to their truck and left. Bastards. None-the-less we still werent sure if there were poeple chasing us or what was happening.
We stumbled our way back to the bridge where we waited, silently waiting for something. We listened to the water, looked at things that sparked our interest. Everyone was calming down again. Enjoying the brilliant colours and shapes that I and no doubt everyone else was seeing.
It started silently at first, very low, the sounds of voices again coming from beyond our sight. They began to grow louder and louder until i said "everyone quiet...can you hear that...i think theres someone out there." Mass confusion again, chattering amongst the 5 of us that remained. "What if its the cops...what if its our friends that left...what if its nobody."
Whatever it was that did it, sure did it because the next thing i knew we were all running through the woods again. But this time we came to a small offchute of the river, no more than 4 feet wide, but at the time it seemed to be more than 20 feet wide, impossible to jump over. Then came the voices again. It was either jump and be ready for a swim or face whatever was behind us. I braced myself for a wet landing and jumped, nothing, no water just dry land on the other side. "Was it possible" I thought, "I had just jumped at least 20 feet?" Whatever, by this time the others had made their ways over the river, and three of them were already gone into the darkness. Me and 1 other were left alone trying to figure out where they had gone.
"Where are you guys?" I called. "Follow our voices" I heard back. But what voices was I to follow? there were now too many to keep track of. We decided to follow the voices that sounded most convincing, but sadly we had lost the trail and now found ourselves climbing over a large fallen tree. After what seemed like hours climbing across the tree we made it to our friends who had stumbled upon a bench out in the middle of the woods. I sat down to try to calm my nerves from the grueling ordeal that had just passed, but it was too late to clam ourselves, we were all too "tweaked out." As we sat things began to run through my mind, "where are we...what if we never get out of this place...theres no way we could survive the night in our state", bad vibes were beginning to creep into all of us. Two of our group member began shouting about demonic faces in the woods one other began to see "lasers coming at him." "Alright" I said, "lets all try to calm down and figure out where the fuck we are." "I know where we are" said one of them. "O.K." i said, lets all get up and slowely wlak back to the truck."
The walk back to the truck was dealy silent, everyone was staying right on the person in front of them heel's, Slowely but surely we made our way back until we saw the dim glow of the street light across from where we had parked the truck. All bad vibes were gone now and we were all beginning to tlak and laugh again enjoying the drugs we were on.
I decided to ride in the back of the truck with one other person on the way home, it was a good decision. Clown faces and abject which appeared to be from "Finding Nemo" were appearing on the blanket which was concealing us from any cops which may pass by the truck. We grew tired of these after about 10 minutes so we took the blanket off our faces so we could look at the sky. Clouds can be the greatest thing to watch while on phycadelic drugs, wales, ships and other miscallaneous abjects appeared and before i knew it we were home.
Inside with 2 others i decided i was going to write down the events of the night. It was a strange sensation to write, it felt like my hand had a brain of its own, because i knew i was thinking about something totally different but my hand continued to write. Writing grew tiresome so i decided to join the others in watching "Pirates of the Caribbean." I fell asleep to strange body vibes and hallucinations.

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