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a perfect end to a crap day

Me and some friends where on our 2nd day of a 3day party.

Me and some friends where on our 2nd day of a 3day party. I had to go to work for a 10 hour shift but managed to escape after 5. We had planned to do someting pretty cool as all we do is smoke pot. And after smoking £150 worth of skunk the previous day we fancied a change.
When i got bak to my friends house which is awsomly huge. My friends had gone into town to get some shrooms and pot. WE decided to take 15grams fresh each and have a few biffs. We drank the shrooms in hot choclate which is gorgeous if you dont have milk!! We went out onto the balcony and looked out over a huge valley and watch the sunset and wait for the effects. after 15mins i started tripping that the whole valley was covered in train tracks. We love to play pool stoned so we thought it a good idea to play. When we hit the balls the table rippled. We all looked at each other and noticed the size of our eyes. They where huge lol!!! WE all started to cry laughing. I then noticed the patterns all over the room. Amazingly detailed bright patterns that would morph into eachother. We got bored pretty quickily and it felt as if our legs where turning to jelly. The V.I.Ps guests as ben calls them decided to go have a spliff downstairs on the leather sofas and put some pinkfloyd on. We all thought we would have a spliff each which made us all want personal space and people kept following me. Thats when i realised how bad the mood swings where. After i chilled out a bit i sat in a dark room and listned to Tool. The entire room became part of a Tool video. I got fairly lonesome on my own and decided to go find my friends. We all sat on the sofas descuing what we where seeing. Jonny had taken shooms 4 times already that month so decided to take an extra 15grams. We didnt seehim much the rest of the night. He came back later i dont know when with bout 4 animals in hisarms. We all sat talking again when my last trip hit. The everyone in the room sank under the floor, the walls became red and covered in bars. The celling dropped and formed a huge drip refflecting things back like a mirror. It was amazing looking back at a completely distorted image of myself. After that we just smoked more pot and chilled on a very happy downer.

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