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A new understanding

Mushrooms are a powerful and wonderful drug.

Mushrooms are a powerful and wonderful drug. If they are used properly they will allow you to understand things about yourself,family,friends and life. Hopefully you will be able to take these new understandings with you the rest of your life. They have allowed me to realize how ignorrant i have been all this time. I finally shut up and listened. Mushrooms are magical because they are capable of putting certain individuals on the path to enlightenment. Before writing this i was a avid marijuana smoker. After heavily tripping on 2.5g of dried mushrooms i now have been given a gift that i hopefully can take with me the rest of my life. I only hope that people will understand that the feelings expirenced on psilocybin are all psycological and mental. I truely believe that with this one trip i no longer will ever need to consume another drug in my life. I now will begin meditation and martial art training. This trip was almost a rebirth of my soul. I never realized how precious life is. Life is a gift. I hope others can relate to my words. Words are not even capable of describing the understandings that i have no acquired.

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