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A New Sky

Yesterday, June 18th 2006.

Yesterday, June 18th 2006. I went to Harriman State Park in New York with one of my best buds. We entered the park and hiked up a a mountain to about a 1100 foot peak. I ate around 4.5 grams he had 3.5.

Most of the trip really wasnt that intense until the most amazing thing happened.

I was sitting at the peak staring up at the wide open beautiful sky and then it happened. I kinda looked towards the sun and something "clicked" with my eyes so that all of a sudden i had a tint covering my eyes so that it almost seemed like i had sun glasses on (but of course didn't have any on)

As i continued to look at the sky with this new tint the sky changed. Keep in mind at this point in my trip, i dont feel like im tripping. My vision wasnt really scewed or blurred or anything, i felt like i wasnt even tripping.

The sky changed from the bright and clear blue sky and clean white clouds, to the most intense purple sky and pink clouds. It was almost as if there was a crazy sunset happening but the sun was still in the sky. I was freaking out to my friend asking him if he could see this but he was kind of unresponsive at the time going through his own trip.

The coloring was so intense that it didnt look like it was the mushrooms that was doing it to the sky, i was almost totally convinced that it was actually happening, that the light had done something to my eyes.

It started fading after a few minutes but by messing around with my mind/eyes i was able to make it come back and become the intense puple/pink color scheme again.

Atop the mountain you can imagine the wide range of sky that was visible to me, and the whole thing changed.

Definitely one of, if not the #1 most incredible experiences i've had.

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