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A man and his horse


Hello. This story involves my 3rd trip on shrooms. It was a friday afternoon about 4:00. Me and 2 of my friends came across a quarter of shrooms. We all decided to eat them up. It was about 4:30 when we gobbled them down. We were at my house and I suggested we go on a walk to a nearby meadow out in the middle of the woods that i knew of. Well we went ahead and smoked a blunt before we left and just as we were walking out the door another friend of mine walked in and said "Hey, anyone up for tripping tonight?" We all began to laugh at the irony. I explained to him what we had just done and he replied "Ha, lightweights,ey?" He pulled out a 10 strip. I hesitated and said ah hell, why not? So the guy that had it took 4 and the rest of us took to each. This was going to be a crazy night.
After that we proceded to the meadow I metioned earlier with 5 blunts in my pocket. We got to the meadow and I started to feel a little something but I think it was mostly from the weed. One of my friends brought along a football so we would have something to keep us entertained. We were passing the football around when the shrooms hit me. It wasn't a slow onset but very very fast. Hit me like a kick to the nuts. I tried to throw the ball but it felt like a part of my hand and i was afraid my hand might come off with the ball if i threw it. So I duggested we sit down and smoke on a blunt for awhile. Everyone quickly agreed. I was trippin pretty hard off the shrooms but nothing i couldn't handel until the other started kicking in. It was about 6:00 now and i was trippin harder than i ever had before. I laid in the soft grass, rubbing my arms on the ground and it felt amazing. Then out of nowhere I could see a man on a horse in the distance. I didn't say anything at first because I didn't know if it was real or not but then one of my friends asked if we saw it too. I said yeah why don't we go talk to him, it might be kinda fun. So after some hesitation by my friends we all started walking towards him. I remember saying "nice day, huh?" and all my friends started busting out laughing. This guy had to have been in his 70's. He looked so old and we couldn't stop laughing at the sight of an old man riding a horse. He then asked a us a question which i couldn't really understand. But one of my friends thought he asked if we had any bud. So my friends says "Yea, would you like to smoke a blunt with us?" The guy on the horse said sure why not. It's been awhile but you boys seem like nice enough but lets go back to my cabin and do it there, it's only a couple miles from here.
I've been out in those woods quite a few times and never saw a cabin but we agreed to follow him. Caught up in all of this I lost focus on my trip so on the way it began to come on pretty strong again. The noises of the hosre were echoing so bad and the man was going off on some story about back in the old days which i didn't catch much of because of the echoing horse noises. The legs of the horse looked like the legs on my kitchen table. We finally(after what seemed to be an hour) got to this cabin, It was really there, I can't believe I had never seen it before. It was now about 7:00 and we were sittin at this man's kitchen table smoking a blunt when, what i guess was his wife walks in with the biggest blueberry pie I had ever seen. She said "you fellas take all the smoke outside and when you're done you can come in and have a piece of pie." So, still amazed by all that was going on, we walk outside and finished the blunt. We walked back in to the cabin and the lady had out five plates with a slice of pie on each and a glass of milk by each of them. We ate our pie and then sat around and talked for awhile while we listened to the old man play his guitar. It was actually really good sounding. I got lost in this song he was playing. Then one of my friends said "man im getting a little freaked out by all that is happening, lets head back to your place." So i agreed and we thanked the old couple for everything and headed out. When we got back it was about 9:30 and we were all still tripping pretty hard and for the rest of the night all we could do was talk about what had happened and how confused we were about everything. We finished off the rest of our bud and popped Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke in to the vcr and tried to relax. That was a night I will never forget. That guy was so cool and we now hang out with him every so often.

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