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a long drive.....

These guys who I had just met decided to take my friend and I out for a drive one night.

These guys who I had just met decided to take my friend and I out for a drive one night.The guy driving was messed on `shrooms AND exstasy,as the others (2) were just on Mushrooms.They gave both my friend and i 2gs of shrooms each and we smoked a joint as well.I wasn`t feeling anything except the pot for a good 20 minutes and all of a sudden it hit me hard.The things that were going through my head were unbelievable.I thought these guys were getting us all doped up on drugs so they could kill us,and i thoughtwe were in a stolen car.So,after about an hour of just driving around I told my friend that I was trippin bad and I had to get outta there.So,I made the guys drop us of a mile from my house so the drugs would wear off abit.Didn`t happen.They dropped us off at what i though was near my house,but was in the middle of the bush and we had a long walk.The crickets were really loud and they were intensifying as we walked.I kept hearing cars coming but there was none,and I thought they were coming after us.We went to my friends house before we went home who lives right beside me and all I kept doing in here room was saying 'holy fuck,holy fuck' we did go home after about a half hour of that and stood in my yard for a good 25 minutes and hid behind bushes because the guys were coming.Ha! We eventually went inside the house and My Mom decided to have a little chat with us and all I could hear was some mumbling really fast.I went to bed right after that and kept seeing silver rods moving in my head everytime i closed my eyes and my friend saw motorcycles....It kinda felt like if I went to sleep I wouldn`t wake up that i kept falling in and out of conscienceness...haha..it was a funn night but the moral of the story is dont ever go on shrooms with people you dont know very well becasue it will send you on a really bad trip..

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