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A light show finale

The trip I’m about to describe took place sophomore year in college with one of my roommates who happens to be the most conservative kid I’ve ever met.

The trip I’m about to describe took place sophomore year in college with one of my roommates who happens to be the most conservative kid I’ve ever met. It took him until that year alone just to get drunk on booze. How I convinced him to trip off shrooms is beyond me. We happened to each take exactly 2.2 grams (being all we had) of dried Equador mushrooms we grew ourselves. This turned out to be the strongest trip off shrooms at that time. We got some pizza at the campus cafe, put our shrooms on top, and scarfed them down. We entertained ourselves while waiting for the trip to kick in. About a half hour later I recall Luke (my roommate) talking on the phone with his girlfriend when we both looked up at the same time and laughed. The trip had begun. I was doing something at my desk and began to feel the weird body vibe that occurs at the onset of a trip. I overheard Luke tell his girlfriend he was going to meet his girlfriend at a party. He looked at me and shook his head, as if telling me I was going. I shook my head no. I knew that this was a bad idea, especially since these were all his friends and none of mine. He shook his head yes and told me we wouldn’t stay long. I told him that we better go soon so I can leave before we start to peak. We left for the party immediately. It was about a 10 minute walk to the apartment where the party was. On the way there we had to walk on a sidewalk that is bordered on by buildings on one side, and trees on the other. We both stopped simultaneously and stared at the trees without speaking a word. The branches were moving, growing, and pulsating. It wasn’t the type of movement you see when the wind blows, but more of the branches actually growing up and out, and then retracting back on themselves only to constantly repeat this process. We stayed there for about 5 minutes in complete amazement when we realized we really needed to get to the party before we really wigged out. Anticipation built for the rest of the walk. A few cars drove by on the campus road that bordered the sidewalk and we could actually feel the sound of the cars building within us only to have it fade out as the cars passed. We both commented on the strange internal sense of being able to feel sound. We soon arrived at the front door of the apartment complex only to realize the door was locked. This was going to be more of a challenge than usual. Luckily there happens to be a call box on the outside of every residence building on campus. After several tries, Luke happened to get the number of his girlfriend’s apartment dialed correctly, only to get her answering machine. He seemed very distressed at this, but I happened to be enthusiastic about not having to go to a party with unfamiliar people and going back to our dorm room. Unfortunately someone came and opened the door for us. We entered the party. I immediately became very uncomfortable with all the people there and quickly created a mini-team of myself, Luke, and Brendan, one of his good friends who was the only person I happened to be comfortable with. I told Luke and Brendan they couldn’t go far. I looked at Luke’s eyes and they were all pupil, completely dilated black holes with no color at all. I knew he was starting to trip out. He went off somewhere with his girlfriend and I began to talk with Brendan. Unfortunately I was having quite a difficult time creating coherent sentences. I knew what I wanted to say, but words came out in clumps, like fragmented segments, but they came out in the wrong order. I then noticed a cow out of the corner of my eye only to realize that it was someone’s coat hanging on a bicycle with a cow design on it. Voices from the party began to have changing depth, and voices and laughter began to get mixed together into incoherent clumps similar to when I tried to speak. I needed to leave now! As I was leaving I ran into a girl I knew who was coming to the party. She tried to stop and talk to me, but I only got out enough words for her to realize that Luke and I had done some “drugs” and to look at our eyes. She understood and left me alone. I now had the 10 minute walk back to my dorm. The trees on both sides of the sidewalk created a safe feeling canopy above me. This comforted me until the sidewalk rose up until it was waste level with me. I can only describe like a sheet of ice that came waste high, and seemed that I was walking through water. The nearby road which happened to be a few feet lower than the sidewalk all merged at the same waste-high level as cars passed through me and by me simultaneously. The visual of the car was next to me, but the sound passed through me since I happened to be walking “through” the sidewalk and the road as they both converged “through” me. This is hard to explain, but as people who trip know it is hard to put some details of a trip into words. I quickened my pace and passed by a group of trees in the a courtyard, only to be mesmerized at how the bark was actually living. The vein structures of the bark looked like liquid was flowing through them, like they were actually transparent veins and tree “blood” was flowing up the tree. I knew I had to get to my dorm before I got lost tripping outside. I somehow made it back to the dorm, but had to stop at the bathroom first. I passed someone on the way in and almost knocked him over as the floor and walls began to breathe and move in a wavelike fashion. I made it to the urinal and tried to focus on where I was aiming, but out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the stall doors swinging back and forth. I looked at it and sharply glared at it as if to mentally tell it to stop moving. As soon as I looked at it I saw the patterns of the door swirl and move together as the colors breathed in and out like it was a living door. I knew this was the mushrooms affecting my mind, but walked up to the door until I literally had my faced pressed against it. I thought getting that close would make the colors stationary, but it had just the opposite effect. The swirling became even more intense until someone entered the bathroom and scared me enough for me to get back to my room in a hurry. I decided I would venture upstairs to another friend’s room where he was known to put on intense “light shows” in his room. He accomplished this quite amazing feat by putting on techno music in a complete pitch-black room, while swirling two lit cigarettes in the air in time with the music. I had never seen one of these popular light shows but heard that the visuals and trails you saw from them were quite amazing, even when not tripping. I knew that his room number was posted on a sheet near Luke’s desk, but by the time I got to the paper, I became so confused that I must have stood there staring off into space for what could have been anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Time perception at this point was completely lost. I came full circle back to the thought of looking up the room number and realized that I was staring at a list of names and numbers. This list is what confused me in the first place, as any type of words or numbers in written form do to me when tripping. I got the number and repeated it for a couple minutes to memorize it since I knew my thoughts would stray greatly by the time I made it up 3 flights of stairs. I somehow managed to find the right room and informed Pete and Jason, the residents of the room, in my trippy lingo that I was tripping pretty hard. I may have called them in advance, or at least remembered that I attempted to, but the phone happens to be quite an elusive and confusing instrument during a trip. I managed to sit down and awaited the light show, only to realize that Luke had entered the room. How he knew I was there was beyond me. I don’t know if I told him, wrote a note, or he just happened to know I was there. To this day I don’t know how we ended up at the same place since he stayed at the party. Anyways, we watched Jason perform a cigarette light show to techno music can the glowing orange dots moved in snakelike patterns and left incredible trails that took for what seemed like seconds to disappear. It almost looked like glowing orange ropes intertwining within themselves in the air. This is the about the peak of the trip and is the last I can remember of it. I remember Luke commenting on how it was amazing that Jason could move six cigarettes in such a fashion with just two hands. We informed him that there were only two cigarettes and he was in complete disbelief. That is the only time I saw a cigarette light show choreographed to music, and am quite glad it happened to be during a trip. It made for some of the best entertainment of my life. The rest of that night is a blur and I apologize for such a long report, but I had to get this written down in as much detail before I completely forgot the adventure.

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