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a incredible experience

i had been in a shroom dry spell for a long time and wanted to trip badly i knew my dad was going to be gone all weekend so i decided this was the time to trip.

i had been in a shroom dry spell for a long time and wanted to trip badly i knew my dad was going to be gone all weekend so i decided this was the time to trip. i throughly cleaned my room gettign everything spic and span i didnt want any clutter or such things messing my setting up. i had the luights on low most of the trip windows closed so it would be very comfortable for me to be in my underwear during the whole trip. phone ringers were turned off after checking in making sure the coast was clear for my adventure that night. cellphone was left on incase a friend(who was tripping too) could text me or call me if one of us flipped out.

The trip was last Friday 6/9/06 I bought some shrooms from a friend and he told me that they were incredibly dank. after I got them I noticed they were properly dried to cracker dryness. so I decided to take 4 grams I powdered them and put into a coffee filter and zip-tied it shut boiled a glass of hot water and put the bag in for about 5-7 minutes, then put two bags of mango tea in to taste ingested the tea it tasted quite decent a hell of a lot better than eating shrooms.

I downed the whole glass and cranked up the jimi Hendrix. about 25-30 minutes after ingestion I felt a little nausea coming on so I decided to go smoke a bowl or two. right when I smoked the nausea intensified tenfold I managed to finish my bowl and got in the hot bath tub. I began tripping hard almost as soon as I got completely in the water. I took a hit of nitrous and don't rally remember much it was really crazy. I got out of the tub then flopped on the bathroom floor soaking wet watching the incredible patterns on th ceiling then I had another hit of nitrous. the nitrous caused this strange kind of buzzing energy to surround me, I could see it and couldn't really "touch" the stuff it was very strange. after a few hits I found myself vomiting into the toilet I had eaten a small kosher dill pickle a few hours before drinking my tea it was a mistake.

after vomiting(T+ 1 hour) I felt great, I felt as if I had been cleansed. I plopped down on my bed the ceiling looked very low and the jimi Hendrix was incredible. after a while of that I went and sat in my computer chair listening to some slightly stoopid. unable to us the computer except changing songs. I did this for about 40 minutes and I had begun to peak, I switched the music to some infected mushroom and wow that really turned things crazy. I had more nitrous and these things that looked like those sticky stretchy hands you get in those little toy dispensers started to come out of the walls and attach to all the surfaces again seeming to close around me, but not in a threatening way.

After the incredible peak which gave me some of the most profound visuals from this size dose ever. I found myself barely sitting in my chair feet on my desk feeling extremely euphoric I felt so incredibly good I thought I was going to melt. about thirty minutes later I came to that drawn out period where your not really tripping hard anymore but you still feel the shrooms. I went and had about 7 or 8 bong loads and just floated around my room feeling incredibly good,eventually I smoked a few more bong loads and laid down in bed. I turned off the lights and passed out.

The next morning I woke up at around 6:30 feeling absolutely incredible I went out to get the news paper and water my plants just marveling how wonderful everything looked. One of my best trips I have ever Had never had any negative thoughts through out the entire trip I still feel a wonderful afterglow. Infarct I feel so incredible I think I may take another few grams(probably 2 or 3 at the most)The night I graduate from high school it will hopefully be just as positive of a trip as this last one. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

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